C121 @ Stutong, Kuching

C121 is one of the breakfast place in Kuching. Its around Stutong Market opposite KPJ Hospital. 🙂

One of my favourite at C121 is the Kampua!! They have very very nice kampua but sad enough.. The kampua stall din open yesterday… *sobs sobs*

The Pork Leg Mee Sua is the from the kampua stall. I had this earlier then just compile. Hehehehe!! Erm… the piggy smell too strong. hoho

Kueh Chap

One of the main attraction is the you tiao.

They have a lot of flavors. We had original and chicken floss with Mayo.

Its crunchy and… very big pieces!! Cant even finish it. *huhu*

Dim sum : Pork Ribs

Dim sum : Siew Mai with Sausage 🙂

Porkie Porriage. Lao Mao said the porriage should add in some sesame oil. *tahahaa*

Penang style pork leg noodle. The portion is soo soo soo BIG! OMG! i cant even finish half of it!

Errr.. i m still craving for the kampua T.T