Coo..coo.. coocooron..

One fine day today.. I m not sure why but i wake up super earrly today.. is like 6.41am?! yes! so early right? dunno why but just wake up automatically lor.. haha.. I manage to have my breakfast again.. and watch my entertainment show until 10am sth.. til then.. i remember i need to go pick up my pupu which is still in the laundry shop and to pay my over dued saman which is far at the very traffic jam satok! shoot!! Lucky for me.. i successfully persuade lao mao to go to lunch at coocooron after i have done all my things..

aha.. okok.. i din pick up pupu today.. haiz!! i forgot to bring the receipt. sobx.. pupu~ i will pick u up tomolo? *promise with greatest hugs*.. I went to satok and it was like.. ARGHHHH! so jam!!! I got stucked in the one-line short distance road for like 20 minutes! yes!! 20 minutes la! omg! pek chek!

I paid my tickets (i got the queue up number 1717.. haha) and rush to green road for my “appointment”. Today we decided to go to Coocooron! weeeeee!!! a place where we used to hang up very often.. not long ago.. The environment was so called very nice.. for more information… visit my food blog. ^^

The picture taken from the angle of our table.. we sit at some corner alike tatami! *winks*

Our food.. its a set lunch actually.. grilled chicken rice.. yum! only for RM 6 include one normal drinks..

They have wireless as well..

my lappy..

SEe.. the online addict is busy updating her blog..!! with her green apple drinks beside ^^

SHe was so concentrated so u know.. the boring me and pik qii decided to take our own pictures! uiks!!! ^^

Anyone who noe the cure for eye bag… please let me noe!! sobx! i have serious eye bag due to not sleep.. sob sob soB!

yien: lao mao.. take photo liao.. come come come..

lao mao: aiya.. i wan to online la.. busy chatting with ah song mo..

pik qi: ah song.. wuahahaha!!

lao mao: hehehehe..

pik qi: funny meh.. oh.. i got new funny points!

lao mao: swt =.=”

yien: uiiii!!! take one picture la! so sien de bo. i wanna put in my blog ma.. *sobx*

-automatically adjust the cam-

yien: lao mao your head ar.. go in a bit mo..

lao mao: o la o la.. *posing*

yien: ok.. one..two.. three.. smile!!!

WUAHAHAHAHA! done.. the purposely taken picture for the blog.. we three! *lalala*