Easy Caesar Salad Recipe

Due to the huge intake of meat and the waistline expansion recently, i’ve decided to sort of eat clean for a week. Not really eat clean but just consume more greens and less carbs. 

And basically the base of my 1 week food is Caesar Salad, the easy one — using premixed caesar salad sauce. Hehehe! So this is my food for the week.

DSC065762 boxes of Romaine Lettuces, curly crisp, green coral, snap peas, cherry tomatoes, Grana Padano cheese, peppercorn, 2 slices of chicken breasts, 2 slices of beef knuckles and 2 cans of tuna in water.

DSC06580Easy caesar salad just need 5 minutes to prepare. Spin the salad leaves in the salad spinner. Spin the excess water so that the salad wont be that soggy.

DSC06584I am using Praise Caesar Dressing. A lil bit too salty for me but I have another bottle which is better in taste and texture.

DSC06585Mixed the Caesar dressing into the salad bowl. I added in cherry tomatoes as well.

DSC06586Shaved some Grana Padano cheese

DSC06591I boiled an egg to go with my Caesar Salad as well. But if an egg is not enough to fill up your tummy space.. like mine today..

DSC06592I pan seared my steak 1 minute each side (marinated with peppercorn and salt) and leave it to rest for 5 minutes. Happy dinner time!!