Fish ball @ Carpenter Street

Well.. i believed that most of you have heard about the famous fish ball soup at Carpenter street.. Well.. its actually my first time trial of the fishball soup after 21 years old living in kuching. haha!! I remember theres a lot of time Jolynn and Gab try to bring me there but it was owes either not open or finished selling by afternoon time… However.. I m lucky today.. the shop is opened.. haha! of coz.. i go and giv it a try..

This is where the little shop located..

The famous fish ball soup stall and the very famous satay stall..

Here’s my fish ball soup.. hmm.. it costs like RM 3.50.. For me.. errrmm… just for me.. i personally think its nothing special.. ha ha.. its just normal.. not terrible and not delicious.. just like normal fish ball soup la.. haiz.. kinda super extremely disappointed.. Some of you may like it but for me.. uhum.. NONO..

Mummy see me so kolien so she ask me to give satay a try… the satay is just beside the fish ball stall and somehow they are connected.. family stall i think.. I am a bit full so i just order 4 stick for trail.. 4 for RM 2..

These are the satay!

Gosh!! i should say it is the best satay i have ever had!!! 100 times better than the fish ball soup.. extremely nice neh! can go and giv it a try.. I m sure u will fall in love with it.. hohoHo! however.. there’s only one favour which is pork.. but still.. its good enuf.. the business is like non-stop because of the satay i assumed. haha!!!! the satay meat is soft and tender.. really one la.. i seldom use this kind of words de boh.. so u can imagine how nice it is.. ^^ Teeehehe!

Today i did nth special except getting to go some eating place like these.. Oh ya.. i bought a new beg at Boulevard.. he he he! isnt it cute! greenish! *love love*