Four Points by Sheraton

OH! MY BLOG ALMOST DEAD I KNOW! kakaka.. coz i m kinda lazy for the past few days..  planning the phuket trip.. do some research on it.. but basically.. still lazy lah.. kakaka!

I know this post should be about the Sarawak Rock party i have attended 2 weeks ago but.. the video seems like it takes forever to load them..! arrgh.. but don worry! will update in the next post!! *cross finger*

Anyway.. this post is kinda outdated as well.. huhuhuhu! Well.. LAST MONTH.. daddy bring us to Four Points for Easter lunch! huhuhu! *thankiuk pa* oh.. that was my first attempt there and obviously.. i love the place.. =)

We are enlightened by this two!

and they made me a flower and a puppy for my mummy! huhuhuhu! *only for ladiessss*

Well.. cut it short… about the environment and everything.. go yourself and experience it! you will like it..!

So first i start off my meals with baguette…and lotsa lotsa cheese for you to choose from..

wuakakak! the one i m staring is yucky! guess which one.. teehehe

and if you would like to…

Here’s the very creamy mushroom soup… i dint have it.. steve had.

And of coz.. the salad bar..with mummy obviously..i din take much from there.. because..

i pick my salad almost everything from this!! not my mummy and daddy.. i m saying those in front of them.. yeah yeah!! those smoke salmon.. fresh salmon *drools* smoked beef slices and.. lotsa ham! omg omg!!

My best salad EVER!!

Thick salmon with some sweet thousand island sauce.. How perfect is that!!

and of coz those smooth smoke salmon cubes with pepper, olive oils and mayo.. omg! HEAVEN CAN!

WUakaka! makan fast fast for the salad and proceed on to my main course!

I had this! Grilled Fish Fillet with Lemon.. Mushroom potato baked (which melts me), Grilled Potatoes.. The very yummydelicious satay.. a fat juicy prawn.. and MORE salmon from the salad bar! wuakakaka!


i have THESE too!

SUper Licin smooth and juicy Barbeque chicken, Roasted Duck, Rose-oiled steamed chicken and Char Siu… How can you resist this.. you tell me you tell me..!

And the whole bucket of Tempura Juicy Prawns just ready from the wok! yeah! there’s a lot of tempura but we request for a bucket of prawns.. kakaka!! takkan you go there and eat the vege tempura right! *vegetarian’s stand excluded)

and Dim sum! trust me.. the dim sum is nice!

And sushi.. if you ngei ngei wanna eat some sushi.. because the sushi is just OK. nth special.

Or if you are still not full enough.. there’s a Pasta Bar where they served you all kinds of pasta.. from Lasagna.. Spaghetti Bolognese, Carbonara.. Linguine.. Arghh.. anything you can think of in the PASTA’s categorieeeS~

and the last.. for the tempting dessert which caught my attention once i enter the Eatery!

They even have cakes *my face look weird!*

and Mashmallow..

They even set up a corner for the kids!!!

I m not sure if its bcoz of Easter or they have it all the time lo.

So here’s mine!! Its Easter so thats why the bunny is here! huhuhu! BUT…

HUHUHU! my bunnnnnnieeeeee