Green Curry

Remember the Green Curry i brought for the poolside party? Well.. i m here to share coz am lazy to watermarks the pullman pichas as well as Rei’s farewell pichas.. so.. here i m!! Sharing recipe instead. HOHOHO!

So this is the Ingredients you need. OOOps. i missed out MILK. and.. the Coconut cream u should prepare like 500ml instead of the one i show in the picha.

For me.. i prepared 2 drumsticks and 2 thighs. Cut into pieces. Chopped garlic. Different kind of Veggies. For my choices, i have carrot, snow peas, baby corn, and cabbages. I prefer brinjal and long beans tho. *nyek nyek* Apart from that, you need full cream milk, butter, around 200 ml, Coconut Cream 500 ml(not coconut milk). Coconut cream is the very thick one. And Green Curry paste.. if u cant make ur own green curry paste, you can owes buy the ready made one.

First, melt the butter in a frying pan.. stir fry the garlic until golden yellow. Add in green curry paste.. pour in coconut cream.. stir well and bring it to boil. After the coconut cream boiled, add in chicken. Leave it for like 10 minutes, add in vege like carrot and cabbages. After another 10 minutes, add in milk.

5 minutes before the green curry is ready, add in baby corn and snow peas. Let it cook until the vege is soft and its ready to be served! =)

If your green curry is too spicy.. u can owes add more milk to soften the spiciness. *nyek*

*nom nom nom*