Han’s Dim Sum, Kuching

It was like a month ago when Carol called us up for the new dim sum testing in town. Thanks Carol for the invite, certainly love it when it comes to dim sum. 

Dim sum has been an on & off thing in Kuching, there were times where people went crazy over the dishes and there were times where people will just prefer their big bowl of kolo mee or laksa for breakfast. But for me, i love choices.. like many choices of food, dim sum has always been one of the top list for breakkie. However, with the less impressive standard of dim sum in kuching, the craving stops. Nevertheless, good news, another new outlet for Dim sum in town so at least we kuchingnites have more options for dim sum hunting 🙂

DSC00456Han’s Dim Sum, good location, easily spotted. For those who are still not very familiar with the area, its located at 3rd mile central. Behind the rows of shops such as World Cafe, Caves, Jolibee those. But no worries, you just wont overlook it. 

DSC00459Just along the roadside

DSC00460Hot steaming dim sum on the roll

DSC00461One of the specialty of their dim sum is…. STEAM ONLY WHEN YOU ORDER. At least the effort is there to make sure the dim sum you consumed is fresh and not over steaming 🙂

DSC00462A pot of earl grey how i wish tie kuan yin.

DSC00465Sauces. They have quite a few selection of sauces to go with. Pick urs

DSC00467And the signature. which is also my favourite..

DSC00468Chicken rice in lotus leaf wrapped. They have roasted chicken & steamed chicken at RM 4.50 per wrap

DSC00471I personally LOVE the steamed chicken in lotus leaf wrapped so much. Not because i am a fan or steamed chicken rice.. Hmm.. oh ya.. sort of also nah.. Well, back to the topic.. love it with my chicken rice standard : 1.) The chicken is fragrant & tender. 2.) Theres a slight aroma of the lotus leaf when you are eating the rice 3.) The crispy garlic garnish just spices things up!

DSC00474Or not, you can opt for roasted chicken my friend 🙂

Another of Han’s dim sum signature..

DSC00476The Kung Fu Bun. Its doesnt look interesting on the outside but… looks can be deceiving

DSC00485Hello to the interesting part. They have everything in the house. Egg yolk, chicken, mushroom, glutinous rice, preserved prawns, onions and lotsa spices.

DSC00488Xiao Long Pau. Chinese dumpling. 

DSC00495Or you can opt for the yamcha started that comes with 6 types of dim sum with the price of RM 16.88. Something to try out :


1.) Chicken Ham Roll


2.) Seaweed Roll


3.) Century egg siew mai


4.) Fish & Prawn rolls


5.) Steamed ginger chicken in herbs. One of my personal favourite after the chicken rice. Just warm your heart in the morning. Not too oily, just good for a sip


6.) Chef pick of the day.. and we had roasted chicken 🙂


My top picks : Steamed chicken rice in lotus wrap, Ginger chicken & herbs & of coz the Kung Fu Pao.

DSC00489Too much for a breakfast isnt it *grin*

DSC00492Thank you carol once again. Will catch up with you soon 🙂