Pasar Malam @ Cheras, KL

Uhuhuhuhu T.T a lot of outstanding post due to my laziness when i m in KL.. so no choice now have to fast fast blog out everything. *teehehehe*

The famous Pasar Malam at Cheras.. Only Available on every Wednesday..! As usual.. my kaki shopping, Hikaru bring me.. makan makan again.. And now.. i m blogging here with extra 3 kg fats. HOHOHOHO!

The pasar malam is damn long…!! i m taking the picture from the bridge and.. these are the two rows of it..!!

Even if its raining days.. the crowd is still there…

so.. peak hour is from 7pm to 11pm.. means whenever u go.. its owes so crowded one lah! *keke*

My favourite ice..! i love coconut one..!!

I know it doesnt look like one bcoz i knot focus it while walking.. T.T\

Bak Kut teh soup with the meat balls…!! one of my favourites!! huhuhu! i missed Bak Kut teh at KL oledi.

Mango ice and honeydew ice.. the portion is HUGE!

Lok Lok!! they have very well marinated bacon in the lok lok truck neh!!! me love sweet BBQ sauce!! *heaven*

ANd when u r lucky.. u are able to try this..

aroma across thousand miles.. and its SO TRUE!!

when i first walk towards the direction.. it smells like someone stepped on the poo-pooo… then only when i ask hikaru.. he told me its the smell of the smelly tofu~~

chao tao fu!!

OMG!! Long queue for the smelly thing can!

My second attempt on Chao Tao fu…!!

but i have to admit it really taste good although it smells! *nyek*

Oh.. apart from tat.. we went to yulik for the zhu cheong fun and eggie tong sui~

Honestly speaking.. my first time on this.

simple yet tasty!!

and also the tong sui…! got eggie one.. huhuhuuh! *nice nice*

someone is hungry! *huahuahua*