Yien’s Recipe : Fried Dumplings

*weee* Fried Dumplings!! Lets start!

For the Dough:

And this is the first time i made the dumpling skin myself!! *woots woots* Its a recipe from a friend’s mum. She said, the skin is easy.. just mixed flour and water and let it cool down for like 30 minutes.

Just like that, i tried to make the dough. At first it was very sticky.. but in my previous experience in making dough related stuff, the dough should be firm and silky to touch. Thus, i added more flour until it was less sticky. After that, left the dough to cool down for 30 minutes. For me, i used something to cover it just in case it dry up.

For the pork filling :

For the filling, i added in minced pork, onions and cabbage. Thats all.. make use of whatever left in my house 😀 Oh.. adding prawn into it will be even better. After that, stirred the fillings and added in some sesame oil, soy sauce, peppers, wine, and a lil bit of flour. Stir until you are happy with it.

The dough and filling are ready!!

Divide the dough into small cubes.. because i am sure you wont want your dumplings to be in different sizes.

Ahhh.. as i dont have people to photograph for me.. i dont have pictures of me folding the pleat on the dumplings. But its okay, because i didn’t do it well also. *teeehehe*

Something like this but you can always do whatever style you want 😀

Add oil and pan fried the dumplings first until the bottom become golden brown. Thats the difference between dumplings and fried dumplings. haha!

After a while, add in flour water. The reason we should add in flour water is because it will make the bottom of the dumplings become crispier. Thus, making your dumplings firmer!! But i recommended the flour water to be reduced. I should have add in lesser because the outcome of the bottom was kinda too golden brown. So.. add less flour water ok!

Turn to medium low heat because you want the meat to be cooked before the flour water dried up.

AHHH!! flour water made your dumplings look silkier as well!! *nom nom nom* shinning skin!!

After the flour water is dried up! Your dumplings are ready to be served!!

Oh.. remember to flip the dumplings. They should be serve bottoms up!

Oh… hello juicy and crunchy dumplings!!