Yien’s Recipe : Random Big Breakfast

Chicken pox made my day sooo awful….! I cant take peanuts, i cant take seafood, chicken, egg… sourish stuff… fried stuff.. ahh!! in short.. i can only eat plain porridge and some steamed vege! huhuhuhu!

One random morning.. as usual.. i haven been sleeping for the whole morning.. or night wadever u would like to say.. and randomly i come out with the thoughts of making a big breakfast which consist of Grilled sausages, Grilled bacon, sunny side up, pancakes, wild mushroom and grilled tomato with cheese…!! *slurps slurps*

Who knows when i open my fridge.. theres nth except eggs. =.= so i quickly went out to the nearest outlet to buy a package of bacon. and thats all. *sadness*

For the dough for the pancakes.. shift the flour, add in milk and sugar and mixed well… u can add in one egg to add more flavor for the pancake but for my case.. i dint.

Heat up the frying pan, add in a knob of butter

Without or without mound as u like.. for me, i use a love shape mound for my pancake..

My advice.. as thin as possible for the pancakes!! ^^

For bacon… add in salt and pepper to taste.

Add a knob of butter, pan fried the bacon until crispy. Or u can just stir fry until it’s cooked if u don like it to be crispy. =)

Next, get ready ur egg and thats all!!

Tada!! the random big breakfast without mushroom, tomatoes and sausages! *sobs*

Apart from that…. i received a gift of love from my DysLing!!

So sweet of her..and guess what she made for me??!

*slurps* According to her, add in some peach soft drinks which she bring one bottle for me as well and eat with it… love u dys!! i m so touched!