Sarawak Rock Party 2009 (2/2)

Part two.. stupid youtube load so slow… have to be awake at this hour to finish my second post o.. if not it gonna delay for a week again! *huhuhuhu*

Anyway… the remaining band out of the 16 are Dream Machine.. a.k.a Delim Mesin if you like.. , Lang, AMS from HongKong, Swing Habit, DyerBreed which just had their own EP, Rock Paradise from Miri and Zhao…!

Dream Machine..

This guy… playing some kinda DJ stuff.. duno wads it call lah.. oh.. they say he look like timothy.. NAHHH! where will lah.. tmot is so much cuter and friendly-looking.. hor hor hor~

The Famous Ah Hao.. who doesnt like it when he scream?!

Just look at the response of the crowd and you will understand what i mean..

Not enuf?? Got video ossso..


Congrats to Dyerbreeed!!! Yeah! they just produce their own EP!! how cool right?! RM 10 for each.. interested? let me know lah. kekeke!

The Dai Lou.. Peterus

Rock Paradise..

HOHO! i m so so sorry i din have much picture of this band because when this band is performing.. Dar’s friend text him and said the window (or wadever.. not sure lah) on the passenger seat is not closed.. *means mayb i did something and din close it* BUT when i go down and see.. the CAR and everything is PERFECTLY ALRIGHT! &@#%$*@!!!

Swing Habit

This band  got a trophy for performances in some competition previously and it attracted lotsa fans over to cheer for them.. oowh!

after their performance.. i can feel like my ears are numb…

OH!! even got fans give FLOWERS to him…! *Slurps*


From KL.. Different style different look and different presentation

A rough thought.. this might be the best for the whole night.. especially for the others performing artists..

They are way too high and alive.. and supportive!! *and its awesome!!!!*

EVen i m enjoying the atmosphere! kekeke


Actually this is the last band of the night… and due to my “dead” battery.. Sobx! *run to the corner and cry* But the performing artist is Ah Hao from Dream Machine, One of the guitarist is Russell from Visualies.. Another is some guy from Orion Burn and the Drummer is the one from SLAP! if i m not mistaken. Correct me if i m wrong.. MUlti-Band’s BAnd eh!

Ah Hao

AMS from Hongkong..

Yes.. they are from Hongkong..

One thing about AMS is that.. when they jump of they rocks.. it seems like it is more powerful.. *see the video of the lead singer when he jumps around at 0.30s*

The Lead SInger.. OHH!! me love the hair!!so straight gei!! *jeles*

Smooth and Silky!! He use Panteeen!! must be!

And this one is the opposite.. kekeke!


and now.. enjoy the video! *lalalala*

*remember to see the jumping ahh*