Marry Brown

First of all… Happie 26th Burday to Paul Paul!!! *age for guys doesnt matters right? teehehe* SOBX that i couldnt attend the BBQ tonight as i am heading to KL later… sobx!!!!!!!

Oh.. back to my marry brown. I went to Marry Brown for dinner just now with dar. tehehe!! He is such a Marry Brown eater and now i am too!! In my impression.. marry brown is yucky because all i remember is the one i ate at KL ZOO few years back.. the skin is not cripsy and the meat is not tender. But this great fan of Marry Brown convinced me to try Marry Brown again.. We have two Marry Brown at Kuching. One in the airport departure hall and another one is around SATOK area. You can easily spot it along the roadside.. don worry!

Oh.. outta my expectation.. the second attempt of my Marry Brown turns out Great!! Superb. And now i m slowly in love with Marry Brown di.. teehehe! i shall ask the Gang to try it out too! with my presence of coz! don go when i m still at KL hor. hehehe!!!

The design is good as well.. our seats. teehehe! i love it.. i can swing and swing and swing when i m munching my drumstick! *kekeke*

He is waiting for his food!

Oh.. the fries is so tempting!

So here’s our food.. hhuhuhuhuhu!!

Not finished yet.. I got a lil surprise today!!!!

You know wad this sweet bubs did to me?!!!

HE BOUGHT A MP4 for me!!! auuwwwww…. so sweeeeeet!!!

He said he is worried that i might feel bored when i was in KL *bcoz he is not there with me*.. so he say mp4 might help me to kill my boredom……

and what makes me really touched is that.. i never even mention anything about mp3, mp4 and anything… and he just bought it because he say he feels like buying something for me!!

Thankiuk sweet bubs! *love love*

My first ever mp4 in my entire life can?! hahahahaha!!

Ps: btw.. i m going to KL later in the afternnooon!! wait me back ahhhh!