Oriental Park Kolo Mee Kuching : Some say its the best?

A lot of people claimed that Oriental Park Kolo Mee is one of the very few authentic one in Kuching. Some say its the best among all Kolo Mee.. But what do you think?

I’ve always heard good things about Oriental Park Kolo Mee. It was situated at the Old Cathay Cinema which most of us have no idea of. Nevermind, I have attached a google map in the end of the post. 

So one find day I finally went there for a try. Excited with all the good comments and patiently waiting for my bowl of goodness.


DSC00015 DSC00016Oriental Park Kolo Mee is famous for the Char Siew. Hence, it means that their Kolo Mee Red aka Kolo Mee with char siew sauce is more popular than the original ones. 

DSC00014They roasted their own char siew so I guess this is one of the element that keeps the customers coming back for more? Personally I don’t fancy kolo mee with char siew sauce. I prefer my kolo mee to be the original white one, but what’s the point of not trying their famous kolo mee red right?

So we ordered 3 types to try. Oh. For your information, wanton lovers like me, they don’t sell wantons.

DSC00003We ordered the kolo mee red. Curly noodles

DSC00007The straight cut kolo mee red.

DSC00002And the curly noodles without the Red.

DSC00010I would say, ITS NOT MY BOWL OF KOLO MEE. HAHAHAHA! I’m sorry you are too sweet for me. Sadly I prefer the kolo mee without the red sauce. I like my noodles to be more al dente. I think I just don’t enjoy very sweet kolo mee. Or maybe I put too much expectation on it.

DSC00008However, please go try it out! I might not like it but tonnes of people love their kolo mee. It has been one of the population’s favourite since N years ago. I might be the odd one out so, even though its not my favourite, please go try it out and judge yourselves! 😀