175 Cafe

There’s a newly opened Cafe at Padungan Area again!! its located at the previous “TAO” cafe.. i believe everyone will know right? =)

Well.. that particular saturday afternoon.. Five of us.. the paling “eng” us.. hmm.. except ahlostling who catch snake for 2 hours to join the fun! wooots!

Its a simple and nice place… one special thing about this cafe is.. they have a FISH SPA.. although they don have lotsa fish in the pond.. but still.. its enough to make our premium timothy walter voon giggles all the way thru. *nyek nyek*

me Leg!!

Wooots!! finally a picture with my ahlostling.. as for those who are aware of.. i seldom have picture with this noty lady.. bcoz she like to shake and shake and shake around when i take pictures.. hmpf hmpf! *cubits*

And Gladys!! hehehe!! she have to go off early so i quick quick take a pic with her. HUHUHUHUH!

Tmot! aiiijoo…the expression of gelikness when kena kiss by the fishy!

Its a good place to take photos.. as you can seee…

fishy fishy..

aiyo… can take pic until lying on the floor ah..

everyone is taking pictures… even the vase also knot miss.. and me…

CAMWHORE!! muahahahaha!!

Its definitely a good place to camwhore hor…

if don belief… see annna’s blog.. sure banyak her camwhore picha! *nyek nyek nyek*

Honestly speaking.. the food is not so impressive… normal nia loh.. but they are improving la.. acoording to the boss. =)

As BANANA LOVERSS… i ordered BANANA juice.. Nana ordered Choc Banana… My comment is… the banana juice is NOT so banana… you know wad i mean right?? it don have the very strong banana taste… in the other word… not GAO la.. means not thick enuf. huhuhuhuhu!!

As for banana lovers out there.. so far… the best banana juice which taste VERY banana is at Sharing Planet.. woottss!! banana love love!

Ahlost 175 cafe special fried rice.. basically just sausage fried rice.. but quite nice  ^^!

Annna’s seafood fried rice…… the rice is nice! not bad at all.

Tmot, Gladys and My beef burger.. not bad not bad!! mayb a lil bit juicy will be even better??? it will be better IF they have LAMB BURGER!! woots!

u can see if there is blogger around. *kakaka* so scare ppl snatch her fried rice.. kewt!

MUAHAHAHAhAH!!! both banana juices are MINE… got nana’s banana choc when she is busy camwhoring with her superb hairstyle!

. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . .

. . . . . .

. . . .

. .



We stay there playin in the fish pool for like 2 hours and left our table empty. muahahahaha! spot my shoes?! lalalala!!

Yes..enjoyin my banana.. under the sun hor.. hehehe

AND….. =.=”

such a noty chi hua hua!! still ask dadee to ground me bah!

and about 2pm.. here come the busy man!!!

*nyek nyek*

ooooh.. fishy smell the new leg! yummm yuummmm..