Little Italy @ KK, Sabah

They said Little Italy serves very authentic Italian Food. Well, i m a big fan of Italian Food… anything goes with pasta will definitely enlighten me. Not to say my deepest love, Fettuccine.. *taaaahahaha*

The initial plan of going to Nelayan Kampung for buffet was cancelled off because we found this Little Italy when we were walking back to our hotel from Jesselton Point. It is located somewhere near Wisma Merdeka, if not mistaken, the block next to it. =)

They have both indoor and outdoor seatings..

Lucky enough for us.. we only waited for like 15 minutes to get ourselves a table inside.

I love Italian Food especially those they allow u to choose what kinda pasta you would love to have!! *awwww* This is very common is western countries but not in Malaysia. so.. it actually makes me happier. hehehe!

We had Home Made lemonade!! Freezing Cold and Refreshing… The Large one is RM 9.90 whereas the Regular one is RM 7.90.

Pumpkin Soup! If u don eat pumpkin, you should try this… you might just fall in love with pumpkin. =D

The sequence of exposing the food pictures is based on my own liking. hehehe!! So… as u have expected…

Carbonara Light with Fettuccine Verdi!!!!!!!!!!!! *screammmms*

Instead of  the normal creamy carbonara.. this one is Carbonara LIGHT. Light as in it is not too creamy, they substitute the cream with fresh egg sauce.. saute with Beef Bacon and fresh mushrooms… *RM 33.90*

Wooooooseeeiii!! Even if u finished the whole plate of Fettuccine.. you will still feel extremely comfortable with it…!

Second Love… its my own order

Norcino with Ravioli Beef.. RM 33.90..i love ravioli as we seldom have very nice ravioli in kuching.. the first time i had Ravioli is Pumpkin Ravioli i had in Melbourne.. but this one.. well.. its MEAT!! love it to the max!! they have chicken or beef ravioli for u to choose. I had Beef of coz!

Norcino is one of the best seller dish in Little Italy.. knowing the ingredients will already waken ur tastebuds!!! Norcino is served with Walnuts, turkey ham and the home made lamb and beef sausage sauteed in Light Cream Sauce! Oo lala!!!!!! The sausages.. omg… give me 10 dozens please!

This is The Beef Ravioli… creamy aint!!

and of coz.. they have minced beef inside…

Every single Ravioli is well stuffed by this juicy well marinated minced beef!! And once u bite, the ravioli will kinda “explode” in ur mouth and the combination with the sausage with the light cream and a slight taste of the roasted walnut just make the dish soooo perfect!!!

Oh.. *wipe saliva*

Alright.. next.. we have this Salmone with Trenette all Uovo. RM 23.90

Trenette All Uovo is like Angel hair.. i m not a big fan of skinny noodles but Salmon? yes yes yes.. Salmon with artichokes served with creamy dill sauce..! maybe they can make it “light” too!

Next Up.. Quattro Formaggi with Penne!!! RM 33.90. Look at the description itself also feel cheezzy! hehehe! its a combination of 4 kinds of cheese.. Danish Blue, Emmenthal, Parmesan and Morzarella cheese served with CREAM somemore… hohoho! I think Kally only manage to eat less than half of the portion….

Aglio Olio E Peperoncino… RM 22.90.. Served with Olive oil, garlic, chilli sauce with Spicy chilli fettuccine. it tasted better if u add in a lot of Tabasco sauce. *grin*

Salsa Primavera with Fusilli.. RM 33.90. The only reason i don like the dish is because i hate Fusilli. hahaha! thats all.. the curly curly colourful stuff.. huhuhuhuhu!!

Apart from all the pasta.. we ordered one pizza for sharing….! Recommended by the staff… Pizza Bianca…  Large, RM 26, Regular RM 19.90

Basic Pizza with Mozzarella Cheese, cream sauce and turkey ham.. such a simple ingredient but it certainly fulfilled everyone’s tummy! *yum yum*

wuahahaha!! i will certainly go back for the first and second dish!! and more pizza!!! *nom nom nom nom*

eee.. i din snatch ur food hor!