Malacca Trip!

Remembered i went to KL for my marathon with ahlost?? *nyek nyek* Actually we had marathoned marathon after the marathon. kakakaka! We rested for like 2 hours and we are all ready for the second eating marathon to Seremban and Malacca….

Off to Seremban.. they brought us to this Famous Siew Bao place…

Not only they have the siew bao.. they have lotsa other pastries like.. egg tart..

different kinds of tarts..

and even cakes and buns.. Throughout the whole buying process there.. the selling of siew bao never stops neh…!!!

This is how good their business is!!! and happy chh holding her items of victory! hohoHo!

Everyone carrys a pack of famous siew bao!! right right!!!

and.. i think i still have some in my fridge. huhuhuhu! guess it knot be eaten anymore.

After siew bao session.. Kelson wanted to bring us to this famous beef noodle shop…..

BUT… T.T *sobs sobs*

So.. we headed straight to Malacca!!

Oh wait.. let the guys pose!

We passed by this red building before we reached Jonker Street!!

I m so excited!!! Afterall.. this is my first time there and.. i have heard so many things about chicken rice ball.. asam laksa… durian cendol…. satay celup! omg omg…!!

So here we are… in Jonker Street.. u know what.. i think the best things that attracts me the most is still the little shopping thingy.. they have all kinds of booth and crafts and so on.. ahhhh! i m so in love!!!

Our first station… “Long Feng Ge” where we will have our durian cendol and asam laksa!!

Durian cendol and Mango cendol…. HMMMMMMMM! After waiting for like.. so long.. for me.. its just so-so. I think the durian cendol at Kuching near CHMSNo.4 is so much better. huhuhu!

Nyonya Laksa….! It looks as if its very heavy but surprisingly its not. =)

Nyonya laksa served with all those fried tempura.. therefore when u take a bite of it.. the tempura is actually crunchy but juicy in the inside with a slight aroma of the nyonya laksa… *yum*

Next up.. we have this Asam Laksa…!

LET ME TELL U… the Asam Laksa is awesome….!! No offend but i think i like this one more than those i had in Penang…! awwwww… *heaven* Its not too sour its not too salty.. just nice with a glimpse of sweetness. Perfect.

And yes.. the soup is just nice.. not too thickening.. and focused on the fried garlic and onion on top.. Lets say i love Asam Laksa! :3 (CHH’s fav pose)

Rendang Chicken Noodle…

The noodle is slightly different from those two.. its more towards the thin cut noodle.. As for Rendang wise.. spicy enough.. i like it.. the meat is tender yet juicy.. soft enough even if u use the spoon to press on the meat.. the meat will jus come out from the bone. olala!

And lastly we have this Fried Wantan for sharing…!

I like to dip in the Asam Laksa soup! *kakakak*

After our late lunch… We proceed to our shopping agenda..

Putt Zai Gou!! so cute right.. they have different flavour for u to choose from..

as for me.. i choose red bean coconut…!!!

bcoz it sounds more appetizing. hehehehee!!

and the three of us! *muah*

And so… three of us spend extremely a lot in Jonker street… from all the bracelets to necklace.. all sorts of stuff… We can really get a great deal there…!!! Too bad.. we don really have enough time to explore the whole Jonker Street.. We only went till half… sobs! i promise i will be back for more. kakaka!

Our next station.. the Famous Satay Celup!!!

Guess what.. its famous.. so you have to queue for it… Imagine so many ppl are willing to queue up for it!!

They claimed that they don have branch.. so.. its the authentic one i believed!

Posing while queuing. Not bad right.. a good way to pass time. kekekek!

After a while.. its finally our turn!!!

LOOK!!! everyone is rushing to grab some “lok Lok”

CHH u are going to the wrong table! hahahaha!

Our table..

They will provide a pot of basic satay soup….

and so fast before u even notice it.. the tauke will come to u with two big pots of… their special homemade ingredient.

The dark colour one will be their own home made spices while the lighter colour one is something like.. grated peanuts and dried grated coconut..

I must say.. the tauke is soo generous to our table…. i duno how many scoops he had added but when i was queuing.. i saw he added like.. 3 scoops per table but for us…

WOW…… doubled i guess!!!!!!

The tauke stirred the satay paste for us… Oh.. they actually will come to ur table time to time to stir the paste jus in case it all sinked down and burnt. hehehehe!

Ready to pop something inside!

Annna the “anti-satay sauce” tried her first satay celup bcoz she got no choice.. everything is satay sauce. hehehe

This is how our satay celup looked like…

i can say the best “lok lok” for satay celup will be tempura-based “lok lok” means the fried one.. bcoz they can actually hold the paste into the “lok Lok”. So u can taste the combination of the satay celup more in depth! HAHAHAHAH!!!!

Don tell me you never eat satay.. Satay Celup is basically just like a steamboat but instead of soup… its satay paste inside. So.. everything u dipped in… it will taste like Satay. *nyek nyek*