Miri :: Brunei

Went to Miri for a weekend getaway 😀

The purpose of the trip : To try out the extremely popular Excapade Sushi in Brunei

And so we are… one hour flight and landed at Miri. Mummy and i were welcomed with a fruity cheese cake!!

Layers of cheese sponge cake and cream cheese fillings with mixed fruits!! *OMG*

Day 1 : Rest at home until late afternoon 😀

Hello nini.. hungry isit~  *hohoho*

Went to the famous ice kacang in some market

Explored Tamu Market…

Wooots.. not only they have lotsa fresh fruits but also some local BBQ food

Picked my cousins back from their drawing class and headed back home.

Stephanie showed me a bed of soft toys..

and.. i spotted my favourite… a very old teddy bear. hahaha!! yes i love old stuff..

oh.. twinky so cute!

Aunty then drive me to Marina Bay for some sunset view 😀

Oh… so damn nice!!

Bear bear in Silhouette 🙂

Day 2 : Went to breakfast.. and… went for lunch before we depart to Brunei

And.. we still have time to go for a slight shopping….!!

We love mirror… cant you see that!! 😀 muahahaha

AFter lunch.. its time for Brunei Half Day trip!

We went to a mall called Supa Save… with lotsa imported goods they said

Oh.. of coz i bring this old bear bear along with me. hoho

Tried out the sausages in the mall. My cousins love it

Headed to another mall called Soon Lee Supermarket. Almost similar to Supa Save but the goods were cheaper.

Saw this GIANT can mushroom. OMG!

And the old bear bear and the “before” version. OMG.. my cousin say they got the bear when they are 3 years old… and now.. after 7 years.. the supermarket actually still sell the SAME bear! OMG x2

Ok.. enough of the green bear.. i had another blue bear with me! so cute!

Do you loves pot?

or kettle? *nyek nyek*

When the clock hits 5.30pm.. Its time for Excapade Sushi

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We gulped it all down in a just one hour!! and headed back to miri

Day 3 : Went to Church and say bye bye to Miri