Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay opens at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Being a culinary fans, I always get excited to dine in celebrities chefs’ restaurant. What more to say from Gordon Ramsay, one of my favourite.

20150706_192609_mr1436183018294_mh1436183073136_resizedOne of the favourite Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay now opens his first restaurant in Singapore! Bread Street Kitchen featuring a casual dining of British European menu and a drinking bar is located at Marina Bay Sands. 


DSC02819A very classy yet reasonable dining experience allows everyone to have a taste of what Gordon Ramsay has to offer. 

DSC02774Excited? Yes very. It is fully booked almost every day. So please make a reservation to avoid any disappointment. 

I’ve attached the menu here so that you can roughly know what they offer in Bread Street Kitchen. I’ll say its quite reasonable in term of pricing for such good quality dining experience. 

Bread Street Kitchen Menu

Bread Street Kitchen MenuBread Street Kitchen MenuEnough choices for you to dine often 🙂

DSC02780As usual, every table will be served Butter and Bread. 

For the cold starters, we have Alaska King Crab and apple cocktail with pink peppercorn. SGD 28++

DSC02787I love it. Freshly poached King Crab leg with sweet and creamy apple slices.. and a slight pinch of pink peppercorn to elevate the overall taste. Very harmonious yet interesting. 

For hot starters, we had seared scallops, carrot puree, treacle cured bacon, apple and celery cress.  SGD 24++

DSC02793Scallops are seared to perfection. cured bacon gives them a different texture of crunch. Apple and celery are the perfect match to the acidity and lastly a carrot puree to balance up every thing. So basically you have all different texture going on in your mouth.

Another hot starter that impress me. Garden pea soup, spiced lobster and creme fraiche. SGD 18++

DSC02792I would recommend this one. A very simple pea soup yet it is so delicious. It is something that you will remember even after the meal. Creamy pea soup with spiced lobster, it take you to another level. If you had something too creamy, you cant take more. The balance between the cream and the saltiness of the spiced lobster is just so well. At least you can still taste the lobster part in the soup! *a little bit of brain jam here*

Not only that, we had Macaroni cheese with garlic roasted crumbs. SGD 16++

DSC02809 DSC02810This mac and cheese is so good. So cheesy yet the marination is spot on. The scariest thing about mac and cheese is the dead flat cheesy taste that you cant stand eating for the 2nd mouth but this one is not, you can easily just dig in until you finish the whole bowl without even realised it. This is just so good.

For the mains:

Roasted black cod with crushed potatoes, salted capers, artichoke, red wine and lemon juice. SGD 44++

DSC02797Black cod is fatty and tender. What I would do is.. to take a bite of the black cod together with the salty capers, crunchy artichoke and to go with the red wine sauce. Oh nom nom! 

BSK short rib beef burger, monterey jack cheese and spicy sriracha mayo. SGD 26++

DSC02803It was good but not as impressive. However, medium rare short rib beef patty is a YES YES.

Slow- roasted Dingley Dell pork belly with spiced apple puree. SGD 32++

DSC02804Although the layer of the skin is crunchy, the meat is still juicy and tender that it almost melt in your mouth. And what is best with roasted pork? Apple puree! 

For the Grill, we had baby chicken, chimichurri sauce and burnt lemon. SGD 34++

DSC02796Chicken is tender but the element that out-stand the meal is the chimichurri sauce.  It is a real revelation.  Full of herbs and the garlic is not too overpowering. 

Next up is the dessert, no matter how full you are, there’s always room for dessert. Its like they are staying at some hidden place in your tummy. Hohoho!

For dessert, we had Monkey shoulder cranachan cheesecake with roasted balsamic strawberries. SGD 18++

DSC02815Reason being Monkey Shoulder is one of my favourite whisky so I’ll like to try it in the cheesecake. The alcohol content is not too strong it can even be consumed by children. Very milky cheesecake and the acidity of the balsamic strawberries just work so well together.

Next we had something more refreshing. The pineapple carpaccio, passion fruit, coconut sorbet. SGD 15++

DSC02813The yellow slices are the thinly slices pineapples and coconut sorbet sitting on top. A very refreshing dessert that you can easily imagine yourselves rolling at the beach. Oh nom nom nom.

DSC02772It is definitely worth visiting Bread Street Kitchen not only the food and service is excellent, the ambience and the view is phenomena as well. Do drop by and experience what they have to offer. Bread Street Kitchen opens daily for lunch, dinner and drinks until late night. Our bill came out to be SGD 435++ including a bottle of white wine and a glass of moscato. 

Reminder : Please please do make your reservation before you go.

Bread Street Kitchen

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

#01-81, 2 Bayfront Avenue,

Singapore, 018972.

Tel :  +65 6688 5665