Buffet Buffet @ Grand Margherita Hotel, Kuching

Buffet buffet is one of the buffet available at the month of September.

As usual.. i always start my buffet with the attractive appetizer they have..

Ranging from all this tiny servings..

to cold platter seafood..

to Sushi..

Oh.. and even pizza straight from the oven..

To the mains..

i personally love the salmon fish. Grilled to perfection with the spices. nom nom nom*

My first round…

Love the corn ever since eileen teach us how to cut it.. in a graceful way 🙂

My nom nom partner as usual.. roseeeeee <3 over excited with the corn! hahaha

If it hadnt satisfy ur taste bud.. you can always go to the oriental BBQ.. Any combination you want, you said it you have it

Not forgetting the “bakar station”

and the shawarma 🙂

i had my fair portion of shawarma

We had our tummy filled 70% quickly.. aiming at all those beautiful desserts 🙂

The girl makes good waffles <3

Our portion for sharing..

and trusted me.. this particular one.. i had a lot of it..

and i managed to finish it.. hohoho!!

Grand Margherita Always Feed Me Well.