Dim Sum Lunch Buffet @ Toh Yuen, Hilton Kuching

Weekend Dim Sum Buffet is available every saturdays and sundays at Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant and Hilton Kuching. From 11.30am to 2.30pm.

Very nice ambiance

The serving hall 😀

the people…

Jacq exploring the appetizer section 🙂

My favourite among all.. Salad Prawn in Golden Cup

Chicken Roll

Fish Umai

Beancurd with Squid Roll

After “backing up” your tummy with all the appetizer.. its time to head to the mains..

Steamed fluffy barbeque chicken bun.. The filling is sweet and very appetizing

Steamed bean curd rolled dumplings..

Steamed Squid ball with snow fungus

Steamed seafood dumplings with Pacific clam..

Chicken Dumpling with Crab Roe..

Steamed Chicken claw spicy sauce.. i am loving this one.. They are just so juicy and you just cant stop munching it until your mouth get tired! haha!

Another personal favourite of mine.. Steamed beef stripes with spicy sauce.. I think i can finish like 2 bowls of rice with this. The beef stripes are very tender and flavorful. Together with the parsley.. perfect i would say!

Vege roll with vegetable

Wok fried bee hoon with curry powder

And.. one of the very recommended dish of the day… Hong Kong Style Congee with century egg and chicken.. This is absolutely a blast!! oh.. did i mention it goes extremely well with the chicken claw and beef stripes!

This is my portion…

and seriously i finished all of them. hohoho! Okay.. not the Char Siew Bao la..

Okay.. close up to the Dim Sum Section Now..

Spring roll with assorted meat

Golden Sesame Ball

Panfried Carrot Cake

Chicken Dumplings with almond flakes

Yam Puff

Bread Ball Dumplings

Crispy Dumplings with Mayo

Pan Fried Dumplings..!

For sharing 😀

Reserved for tummy.. Desserts!

Chocolate and Corn Jelly

Cold Cheese Cake

Marble Cheese Cake

Walnut Butter Cake..

and.. the recommended one.. Mango Pudding..

Dont you just feel like have a bowl bite?

Oh Oh wait…

Whats a Dim Sum Buffet without this…!

Peking Duck with Condiment!





and… Tada!!

Even the Chef is happy with it 🙂

Thankiuk Amelie.. The lunch is awesome 😀

For enquiries or reservation.. please call 082-233888.