Dim Sum @ Nu Er Hong, Pullman Kuching

Crazy about dim sum? Craving for dim sum? Looking for a decent place for gatherings or high tea? Pullman Kuching now present you with the halal dim sum from Monday to Friday (11am to 2pm) and during weekends and public holidays (9am to 2.30pm). Now, you have no issue to suggest where to have your favourite dim sum anymore~

Many of you might be thinking that having dim sum in a hotel will be expensive, now I’ve attached the menu for you as well. Seeeee.. very reasonable what!

20151223_134727_resized (2)

20151223_134727_resized (2) - Copy

OK, I know you can’t wait for the food. Let’s start now!

20151223_135847_resized (2)Deep fried Savory Dumplings

20151223_140016_resized (2)I personally like this. Although it says savory dumplings but there’s still a pinch of sweetness in it. Yums!

20151223_140251_resized (2)Being a big fans of scallop, here’s the steamed scallop dumplings! 

20151223_140314_resizedSteamed prawn dumplings are good as well. The reason being they have at least 3 prawns stuffed in it. A full mouthful of prawns I would say!

20151223_140643_resizedSteamed siew mai was ok. Siew mai seldom goes wrong anyway!

20151223_140540_resizedPrawn Cheong Fan is excellent! I think all the cheong fan series are good. It is silky smooth and the sauce compliments as well!

20151223_140716_resizedSteamed chicken feet is a bomb too! If you always order steamed chicken feet in a dim sum outlet. Please try the one Pullman has to offer too!

20151223_140854_resizedInstead of steamed pork ribs, they have steamed chicken with black beans. Steamed chicken is very tender and marination is definitely spot on. One of the favourite!

20151223_140742_resizedSteamed beancurd with oyster sauce. 

20151223_140918_resizedSteamed spicy prawn dumplings

20151223_141001_resizedYES! THIS IS MY FAVOURITE of all. I love spicy food, the spicy sauce on top of the prawn dumplings together with some chopped onions and garlic just send me directly to heaven! Please please please try this if you love spicy dumplings! 

20151223_141027_resizedFor the congee series, instead of chicken congee or fish congee which are more preferred, I decided to try the beef congee! Love how they served it, tender beef slices with a half boiled egg! Yums!

20151223_142112_resizedOne of their specialty, steamed egg yolk bun. Look at the egg yolk or custard whatever you like to call..

20151223_142216_resizedIts oozing out isnt it? Does it melt your heart? 

20151223_143731_resizedSteamed BBQ chicken bun

20151223_143820_resizedIf you ask me whether its nice or not? I’m a bun lover. I love all the buns! HAHAHA!

I can’t say which one is the best because everyone has their own preference, so the best solution is to come and try yourself! Bring your family and friends for a great lunch or brunch because dim sum makes people talk! YAY!

For reservation, please call 082- 222888. And a big thank you to Pullman for the food!