HongKong Must Eat Roasted Goose : Yat Lok 一乐烧鹅 VS Yung Kee 镛记

One of the must eat in Hong Kong. Roasted Goose!! There’s plenty of roasted goose in Hong Kong, ranging from the famous restaurant, the Michelin starred restaurant, the local’s favourite, the random street ones.. I’ve tried a lot of roasted goose but came to the point to ignore almost 80% of it because some of the hawkers one are just edible. 

It came down to the two reputable roasted goose restaurant. Yat Lok Roasted Goose and Yung Kee. So which one do you prefer?


DSC00128Yung Kee, known as a very famous roasted goose restaurant for tourist. To be honest, I think its more towards like a status restaurant more than anything else. The restaurant is beautiful and grand.. food is extremely expensive too.

DSC01257We were served at the 2nd floor of the restaurant. It was like 4.30pm but we still need to take our  numbers and wait for our table.

DSC01258It was just less than 5 mins before we got our table.

DSC01260Yung Kee Menu. They do have a lot of choices, from roasted meat to seafood to vegs.

DSC01262However, the must ordered and also one of the best seller — Century Eggs!! The century eggs is absolutely delicious and the yolk is still runny. Its like onsen century egg! Eaten with the well marinated pink ginger, I guess that’s the best appetizer I’ve had! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

DSC01267Next will be the signature roasted goose. It was not bad but not overwhelming. How should i describe it, its juicy and tender YES but lack of the “wow” factor. I would only say its delicious. That’s all. 

DSC01271We ordered the roasted two combi. “Kwai Fei” chicken and Char siew. Kwai Fei chicken is surprisingly good. The marination is spot on and chicken is silky smooth. I like it!

DSC01272Char siew on the other hand, its good but not the best i’ve had.

DSC01265We ordered stir fried brinjal to share as well. Its ok. Everything is ok but the price is just too overwhelming. I would say its overpriced! Ranging from HKD 1000 – HKD 1500 for a basic meal. My rating 7/10


I guess next time I will just order the century eggs. its the best among all. haha!



DSC00356Yat Lok Roasted Goose was featured in the Michelin Guide 2011. It was known for the good quality of roasted goose and of coz, price is much more cheaper than Yung Kee. Like it or not, there’s no beautiful decorations, exterior and interior just look like a normal char chan teng and indeed it is! 


DSC00337 DSC00339Menu on the wall. Its just that simple. 

But what makes you fall in love is the food served. To be honest. I prefer Yat Lok 10 times more than Yung Kee! Lets see!

DSC00351None stop roasted goose coming out from the kitchen. 

DSC00349You will be amazed how short the duration is for a goose to stay on the rak. hahahaha!! 

DSC00345We ordered the signature roasted goose of coz. Look at the shinny silky layer of the skin. it was roasted to perfection. Crispy yet not so oily. The meat on the other hand is very flavourful, its easy to bite it even for the elderly, its just so tender. Crispy skin with juicy meat dipped in their signature plum sauce. Can you imagine that? I’m salivating now!! 

DSC00340We order the roasted two combi to try. Crackling 3 layer pork and char siew. Crackling pork is always nice.. but what is even better is the char siew. Unlike other char siew, its soft. I hate those char siew where you have to chew for very long. This one is not.

DSC00342Noodles in soup also known as 濑粉 (lai fan). Its their version of noodles. the texture is more like a big size vermicelli. I like it because its not too heavy but a lot of people prefer the rice.. Oh did I just mentioned rice? yes i love the rice more too of coz! hahaha! 

DSC00346We came out from Yat Lok with a happy smile and a satisfied tummy! It was so good and value for money. The price is easily 1/3 of Yung Kee. Its just my personal opinion I thinkk the roasted goose in Yat Lok is way better than Yung Kee! Try it for yourself. Yat Lok is definitely one of one “Must eat in Hong Kong” My rating 9/10

And Yet. Yat Lok and Yung Kee is just within 3 minutes of walking distance! Map as below!