Hotel Review : Metro 360 Kuala Lumpur

Sorry I was extremely busy these few months with new project. Sorry Bloggie sorry readers I have so many pending posts awaiting. Will be posting some cute cafe in SG, Must try food in Brunei and my Melbourne Trip soon.

There’s a new hotel in Town near Bukit Bintang for everyone reference!! Strategic Location, comforting room, vibrant colours and relaxing environment for a vacation. If that fits your desire for a holiday place, Metro 360 Kuala Lumpur will be your best choice.

IMG_20170312_112234_resized_20170430_040820326I was there for a short stay unfortunately. If time permitted, I would have extend a few more nights to explore the place. Metro 360 Kuala Lumpur has a strategic location, not to say it is a walking distance to the Golden Triangle Area, Metro 360 Kuala Lumpur is near to the famous Eatery of Kuala Lumpur, the Jalan Alor food street! Apart from that, party goers, Metro 360 Kuala Lumpur is your best choice as it is just a few minutes walking distance to the utmost happening Changkat Bukit Bintang street where all the bars and lounges are. But not to worry, you can still have a quiet and good night sleep at night.

IMG_20170312_112427_resized_20170430_040819963Yes, just walk straight.

IMG_20170312_112220_resized_20170430_040815783I personally love the entrance. Ceiling is high and elegant. Colour contrast is very soothing.

IMG_20170312_112202_resized_20170430_040817725Customer service is excellent. The receptionist serve us well and provide us with all the information around that area. You know, when you receive good treatment, you know your incoming stay will be a fabulous one.



The room is bigger than the average room in Bukit Bintang area.

IMG_20170312_103824_1_resized_20170430_040816327 IMG_20170312_104001_resized_20170430_040819620Oh, Breakfast area is a satisfying one too. The place is spacious enough with variety of food choices to make up your day.

IMG_20170312_104051_resized_20170430_040818501The swimming pool area is just behind the breakfast lounge. The service person told me that the pool was a bit blurry due to the heavy rain these few days. Well, but its good enough. I would want to visit their gym but its under beautified progress. Check out their facebook for more pictures of all the mural drawings!

Overall would i stay at Metro 360 Kuala Lumpur again? Absolutely! You should try too! As per below I’ve put up the location for your convenience. I hope you have another top notch alternative for your stay in Kuala Lumpur!

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