Korean Food Festival Buffet @ Pullman Kuching

Korean Cuisine is definitely not a foreign term for Kuchingnites. We were crazy about K-pop K-drama and down to falling in love with all the Korean related everything. I’m not sure about you but I am a big fans of Korean Food and were extremely delighted when Pullman Kuching launched the Korean Food Festival!


This is the first ever korea food promotion introduced by the hotel. For our fellow food lovers, the Korean Food Festival will be here from the 26th June to 9th July 2017 for a two weeks buffet style basis and after this two weeks, Korean Buffet will only be available on the weekdays but ala carte is served throughout. Specially thanks to our Korean Chef Lee Seung Joon for bringing us so much good food. And if you were doubting about authenticity, don’t worry! the Korean Food Festival is specially planned by the beloved Korean General Manager of Pullman Kuching, Mr. Charles Choi. #doubletheauthenticity

IMG_20170628_190043_mr1499152405474_resized_20170704_031942924yay!! Korean Food!!! – the ultra happiness shown –

DSC00962 DSC01028

Lets take a walk through the buffet line: we have the side dish station, the main course station, the grilled station and the dessert station. 

DSC00960 DSC00961 DSC00964 DSC01020The all time favourite, side dishes! Korean Food Festival served more than 16 types of side dishes or you can call you banchan to go with your  main courses. Among my favourite will be the kimchi, the tuna kimbap, jap chey and the silken tofu! 

DSC00963If you want more greens, here you go!

Proceed to the main courses for the night; 

DSC00970Dak Gang Jung | Fried crispy chicken thigh with sweet and slightly spicy sauce
I personally like the dak gang jung. The chicken thigh is fried with a very thin batter and coated with heavy sweet and spicy sauce. Meat is still juicy inside! Yums!

DSC00974Beef Bulgogi | Beef slices marinated and stir fry in the special sauce

DSC00978Saengseon Jorim | Pacific ocean mackerel, radish, leeks with spicy sauce
I absolutely love this dish. The sauce is not too spicy but it goes well together with the mackerel. Mackerel is fresh and its slight grilled before slow cooked with the radish. Radish is cook through and it absorb all the goodness of the sauce. Can’t stop eating it! 

DSC00983Beef Galbi Jjim | Premium NZ beef short rib, radish, carrot cooked with traditional soya sauce, onion & sesame seeds
This is the bomb. My favourite and highly recommended dish in Korean Food Festival. The short ribs is fall of the bone, juicy tender and so well marinated. You know when you ingredients were fresh and good. I had three rounds of beef galbi. Its just so addicitive!

DSC00992Dak Bokum Tang | Korean Spicy Chicken stew with potato

DSC00997Mixed Vegetables | Stir fry brussel sprouts, peppers, cucumbers, mushroom and carrots

DSC01001Ojing o Bokum | Fresh squid, mixed vegetables with chili paste

Such impressive main courses! But there’s more; The grilled station!

DSC01006Grilled prawns of the size of the palm

DSC01009Grilled beef short ribs and chicken thighs

DSC01012They also have bibimbap as per order.

IMG_20170628_191334_mr1498651581256_resized_20170704_025738998Lets DIG INNNN!!!

No matter how full you are, there’s always a magic compartment for desserts!! 

DSC01013Hello sweets!

DSC01014 DSC01016 DSC01017My favourite goes to the peanut butter cake, red velvet cream cheese cake and the dark brownies!

combineeatingMy tummy is so well pampered! Thank you Pullman Kuching for having us! And thank you my eating partner Jacqueline for making this food feasting time fun and full of laughter! We both enjoyed our time trying all the Korean food specially crafted by Chef Lee!

pageIf you don’t want to miss out the opportunity, please call 082 – 222 888 ext 2101 for bookings. Ala carte is from 12pm to 6pm with the price RM 49 nett and Buffet  is from 6.30pm to 10pm at RM 149 nett. Oh speaking about ala carte, let me show you the choices availble:

alacarteClockwise : Ttugbaegi bulgogi, Heamul deonjang jjigae, Dodl sot bibimbap and Beef Galbi Jjim.

thumbnail_20170630_123243And all ala carte comes with side dish! What are you waiting for? Bring me bring me!!!

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