Kuching Famous Laksa : Chong Choon Cafe

when you feel like slapping someone or stabbing someone.. write some unrelated stuff will help. T.T

Laksa, Kolo Mee, Kueh Chap.. guess these are the common words people would say to associate with Kuching. So yes they are. I grew up in this town called Kuching… Laksa, Kolo Mee and Kueh Chap have been the most popular choice for breakfast here. Or I should say those are all over Kuching, it all depends on personal preference for the taste and liking. 

However, no doubt there are some really famous one. Famous doesnt mean the best. They are famous. A lot of people love them, some think its too commercial. But well, still famous 🙂

DSC04913One of the very famous Laksa in Kuching, at Chong Choon Cafe located at Jalan Abell. Make sure you go before 11am or else there will be no laksa for you. 

DSC04901Seats are limited as well, during weekends or peak hour, sharing table is needed. 

DSC04908The famous laksa. RM 4.00 per bowl

DSC04911I like them, but they are not my favourite. The soup is a lil bit saltier than my liking. But love the cilantro. *slurps*

DSC04905Mee pok with dumplings. 

DSC04907Egg toast. 

Apart from that, the mee jawa at chong choon cafe is really good as well. Go early and grab a bowl for your hearty breakfast 🙂