Organic Food & Fruity Buffet @ Meisan Restaurant, Grand Margherita Hotel Kuching

Organic food is no longer a stranger in our lives. You can find organic stuff almost in every corner around you.. Organic eggs, organic vege, organic fruits, organic grains, organic nuts, organic poultry, beef and fish, organic dairy products.. almost everything. People nowadays are trying to be more health conscious huh! And because of that, Meisan Restaurant came out with this “Organic food and fruity buffet”. It is available from Monday to Thursday in the month of April.

The usual place we hang around 🙂 Hello Frankie in the background.

The buffet is basically divided into 7 sections. Apart from the main buffet hall and the fresh juice bar..

there is this starter station, where Meisan Restaurant offer you their specialty homemade bread, fruity salad, appetizer..

and even this fruit tower 😀

The tempura station 🙂

Come Closer .. shishamo (capelin fish) spotted 😀

Next to it will be the noodle soup station.. they have a few types of noodles for you to choose from.. the famous one will be this organic green tea noodles.

And a lot of fresh and organic vege to add in.

And beside it.. The wok and BBQ station. Request your chef to serve you a plate of delicious organic vege or a few slices of BBQ poultry 😀

Back to the main hall. Buffet!!! My all-time favourite 🙂

Started off with Chawanmushi 🙂

Braised chinese cabbage with black moss. The chinese cabbage is braised until soft and all the sweetness is sealed in the soup! OMG! Zero burden for your tummy k!

Oven baked crab with cheese

Deep fried boneless chicken thai style

Buttered prawn with pumpkin seed. One is never enough

Steamed carp with ginger mousse.. i personally love this one too. I love the aroma of the fish… with a mild taste of the ginger. Yums!

One of my personal favourite too. Roasted duck with plum. Surprisingly these two goes well together.. too well! But make sure you have to gulp in both together.

Apart from that.. they have a few types of skewers. Prawn skewers, fish skewers, beef skewers and lamb skewers.

Served perfectly with aromatic onions and bell pepper 🙂

And.. Oh.. what is the soup today? Double boiled free range chicken with papaya.

and to the last… DESSERTS!

Wide selection of pies, jellys, puddings, mousse, strudels and cakes. The walnut pie and the pear strudel are one of my recommendation…

Of cause.. the QQ Crystal Ball is a must try too. It tasted as attractive as it looks.

For the sweet tooths.. grab all you can!

Oh.. but make sure you place your reservation first ya.. 082-423111 ext 1109/1158