Ramadhan Buffet @ Pullman Kuching

Selamat Berbuka Puasa to all my muslim friends! In the holy month of Ramadhan, Pullman Kuching will be having a series of sumptous buffet at 2 locations, the usual Puzzle Restaurant and the Pre-Function area on level 2 leading to the Swimming Pool Deck. Yes, here!

bba719e3-563a-4c05-a867-a2f65ec5f972This year, Pullman Ramadhan Buffet showcasing a long line of buffet choices from the best of Kampung flavours to our local delicacies to international delights. If you want to be spoil during this holy month of Ramadhan, this is the place for you. 

Every Ramadhan starts of with fresh sweet kurmas. I don’t always crave for Kurmas but definitely will go for one every time I’m at the ramadhan buffet. Maybe its the environment factor, anyone of you have the same habit as mine?

6b53b958-1779-4cf4-8b3d-fa487ec8cc38Alright, cut the introduction, lets go straight for FOOD! The buffet spread come with several sections starting with the starter station also known as the Aneka Kerabu offering dishes  like Jantung Pisang, daging dengan belimbing, paku pakis, otak otak ikan, umai ikan, salai lumek, umai sotong and marinated mussel. I was there way too early so all the dishes are covered. However, on the plate, yes!


c24c8295-50ef-400d-9345-4627f563f586Not only that, everyone’s favourite corner of Ulam-ulaman serving terung bakar, tempe goreng, petai, buah jering, daum selom, ulam raja and many many more!

2772a562-4c78-437d-8899-b50424fa60e5There a series of international dishes but I will not be covering that because I bet you guys only want to know the main highlight of the Ramadhan Buffet right? 

One of the very popular area will be the claypot area with dishes like ayam percik, daging gulai rebung, kurma kambing, pajeri nenas wangian minyak bijan and many more. Heating lamp counter festures sotong goreng, ketam bunga masala, hati lembu berempah and badal ayam berempah! sweet goreng stuff as well! Oh my, I had a few rounds of that.

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If you miss Kuching specialty food, there have kolo mee and laksa station too! 


Walking to the pool deck, they have this giant woks or kawah serving gulai daging, gulai kari kepala ikan, gulai ayam berkhantan and sup tulang rawan. There are these BBQ seafood available too! 


Oh, not to forget the two main highlights of the Buffet Line! My giant roasted whole lamb and Giant Tandoori Giant Garupa.

95f633c1-f848-4f6b-a572-b7068d582be6The chef told us this garupa is fresh from the market that morning! 

And my favourite of all, roasted whole lamb!! Look how juicy and shinning the meat is… 

0acc6053-55cd-4e46-84d5-49f4583e1a5a d89a3f7a-ddcb-4554-8d45-d4d4d2539c87and the size… enough to feed me! 

e1a3968f-f2c7-4f2f-ba7e-754384493610My favourite plate with the BBQ fish and my roasted lamb with mint sauce. Do you like lamb as much as i do? Head straight to the pool deck for this! I am sure you will love it!

They said, there’s always room for dessert.
a38ed75d-bab5-43bf-808b-1a7cb584d1b0 cc2d4152-0ea7-4fd9-b47e-ad957b3cfc07-horz cd55efdd-3381-4d2c-8bce-adab01f371c2-horzYes I agreed. From malay kuih, dates biscuit, cakes pastries to ais kacang and cendol. As long as you have the tummy space, you can have it all.

Wanna know more? Or cant wait to feast d? Welcome all to get the ramadhan vouchers by calling +6082 222 888 ext 2000/2100 or visit Pullman Kuching Facebook and Instagram for more promotion updates! Price is RM 89nett for Puzzle Restaurant Ramadhan Buffet and RM 68 nett at the pre-function foyer. Half price for all children aged 12 and below. Happy Berbuka Puasa everyone!