Sephora @ The Spring, Kuching

Thank you Sephora Kuching for the VIP Exclusive invitation for the Grand Opening on the 1st September at The Spring Shopping Mall Kuching. With the courtesy of Sephora Kuching, I am able to shop and buy before it opens to the Public. Thanks again… and This will be the first Sephora Outlet in East Malaysia. 

DSC06120_PWelcome Sephora!

DSC06138Sephora Kuching is located on the Ground Floor at The Spring Shopping Mall, easily spotted at the center court..

The crowd was there early too that day. 

DSC06131_PAnd I am grateful to have meet up with some friends whom I haven seen for a while at the cocktail reception..! 

DSC06129_PHello Effa, Marissa, Alvin, Jacq, Irene

DSC06139_PMing, Kenny, Jacq

DSC06135Beautiful bride to be Ming…! Getting skinner everytime i see her.. and i just realised i’m missing out Sin & Rose… they were busy socialising all the way. huhuhu!

DSC06141The clock hits 11am and we welcome Sephora to Kuching…

DSC06153DSC06154 As usual, i always can’t make up my mind in Sephora because they have just too many good brands for you to choose. 






DSC06155And thank you Sephora Kuching once again.. I can save RM 50 for my shopping haul. Teehehe.

DSC06159_PBut the best thing is still… you can drink while shopping.. Hahaha! Just for the day *winks*