The Joy of Mid Autumn Buffet @ Grand Margherita, Kuching

Since we were young, we were told how important is the Mid Autumn Festival especially in a Chinese Culture family. The stories that laid behind, the moral of the story that will remain significant in one’s heart. Normally during Mid Autumn Festival, families will gather together to have a wonderful dinner, to strengthen the bond, to give more love. I remembered when i was young, Mid Autumn Festival is a very BIG festival. Just after dinner, my brother and i will rush to Daddy to ask him to carry the little pink table of ours to the veranda. Mummy will cut mooncakes and we will all sit together around the small tiny table to spend time together. Oh.. not forgetting the fancy lantern we had. Holding lanterns, holding papa mama’s hand and walked around the neighbourhood. How nice. I believed every good moments about Mid Autumn Festival is the memories we had over the years.

When the kids have grown up.. naturally the keen of playing with lantern had reduced. But sometimes even if we wanted to stroll around the neighbourhood again, its the parents who feel shy and reluctant to do it. HohOhoho. But maybe someday i will force them to do so again *grin*

However, although most of us had left out the lantern part, theres something we are still practicing it till today. A wonderful blessed dinner with the loved ones. And awesome enough, Grand Margherita provide you with a best venue to celebrate and enhance the tradition of Mid Autumn Festival.

Mid Autumn Festival happens on the 22nd September 2010. However, if you have the urge to celebrate the special day earlier, Grand Margherita offers you and your family a joyful buffet dinner at Meisan Restaurant, 1st floor at Grand Margherita Hotel starting from 19th September 2010 to 22nd September 2010.

From the traditional dishes to the moderns one. You asked for it. you got it.

At the start of the buffet line, prepare yourself to be filled with all the top rated appetizers:

Chinese Cold Lobster

Lobster Assorted roll

Cold Lobster with Fragrant Salsa

oh oh oh.. hello Big Lobster am gonna eat you up later! *yums*

Spicy Thai Chicken feet

Beside the Lobster bar, they offer different category of appetizers just in case you don like Lobster.

Smoked Salmon

And my Favourite Cheese Platter! oh my oh my.

Next stop, the soup counter:

You can either opt for the Chinese cuisine, Shredded Duck Soup with Ginger and Chive

Or… the western one, creamy Seafood Veloute with Tomato.

For seafood Lovers, I am pretty sure you will love it

The seafood bar…

Cold flower crab on ice…

or.. the fresh juicy prawns??

All the prawns look innocent and mouth watering dont you think so..

and dip them in the sauce.. any types of sauce for your selection 😀

Apart from that, they have a few of the showmanship station, means.. they have chef standby to answer your orders.

BBQ Specialies station.

Sesame Chicken, Char Siew Chicken, Roasted Cripsy Duck and Marinated Squid.

Yong Tau Foo Station. Hello Chef. He is shy. The varieties of steamed bean curd, stuffed bean curd, deep fried fish ball, fish cake, tang hoon and kueh tiao.

Chick Kut Teh counter. You can request for your favourite ingredients!! *nice*

Move on to the traditional dish of all times.. Porridge!!

Meisan Restaurant provide you with even more condiments to add in to the sweet and tasty porridge.

And whats the thing that you cant left out in a buffet?


Sushi Bar is where you can order lots and lots of Sashimi!!!

Or you just want some assorted sushi? Up to you 🙂

Move on to the mains..

Stir Fried La La :: Fried chicken cubes with special sauce

Fish Slice with King Soya :: Rock Salt Prawn with Spring Onion & Chilli

Curry Beef with Potatoes :: Stir Fried Vege with Garlic

If you have the urge of having western food during this special day… you cant opt for

Pan Seared :Lamb Chop :: Boiled Pasta with Grilled Chicken Slice & Cheese which is cooked to Perfection!

Oh.. forgot to mention, they have two types of sauce for the lamb chop. BBQ sauce and Mint Sauce. Oh Oh.. i know i know.. i have a westernized palate! *blinks*

My first round of Lobster feast!!!!!

Oh.. and the green sauce on the prawn is sooo unique and tasty!!  I have no idea whats that but.. well.. just fabulous.


And hello people.. i finished like.. 90% of it… U can imagine how delicious is the food and i just cant stop myself from finishing it *nom nom nom*

I wanted to go for the second round of the exactly same thing.. but i know i still have a lot of things to eat later.. ahhh!! I missed you already

And my favourites of all…

As usual.. A big fans of lamb will forever stand for the lamb! *nom nom nom*

Surprisingly i found the chicken very addictive!!

and….Rock Salt Prawn.. dedicated my dearest prawn lover : CHH aka Annna.

Quickly after the mains.. i sneaked to the Cheese Platter bar and took this…..

OK.. ignore the salmon, i just want to eat. ^^ They do not have jam and i am not sure if i will like the prune.. so i took one to taste…

AND.. immediately after that.. i couldnt resist myself to go for the second round. FULL OF SATISFACTION

Oops.. i think i forgot to show you the dessert bar..

Deep fried Sesame Ball..

Oh people.. can you please help me to figure out what is the yellow thing? Isit Custard?

Different Types of Cakes

And the special thing that caught my attention is THIS: Ready for that?!

Its Durian Pudding and in the claypot look alike thing is Mango & Pamelo with Coconut Cream. I never knew Mango and Pamelo goes so well together. A Must Try!

And here goes my happy dessert

OH!! By the way.. did you all realized something………

THEY HAVE CHICKEN FLOSS ALMOST EVERY STATION… the moi moi aka porridge station is understandable but why do they have chicken floss at the seafood bar and dessert bar….. *hehehehe*

And i am going to make full use of the decoration..

How about Chicken Floss with Ice Cream.. Oh Oh.. they have 5 types of ice creams.. but of cause.. the chicken floss is only for myself. hehehehee

Or Chicken floss with Fruits:)

Gerald thinks i am weird so he took a video of it…

and Jimmy Alice look at me which the “OMG” expression..

and Eileen.. awww eileen.. dont look at me like that i m shy *blush*

P/S : Chicken Floss tasted good wad. ^^

And the most important delicacies for Mid Autumn Day:


The night will not be perfect without mooncake. Right people?

Are you interested to bond your loved ones with all the yummylicious food?? Seats are being grabbed fast so please make sure you make your reservation early ok??

FoodLine : 082-423111 ext 1109/1158

Happy Mid Autumn!! Happy Eating too dearest!!

and Thank you Eileen for the invitation 😀