Things to eat at Kuching Festival 2014

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Another post on Kuching Festival 2014. Or maybe the last food post on Kuching Festival 2014 because the food festival will end on the 24th August 2014. Few more days to go! Sorry for the lack of updates these few days. Schedule was pack. Work was busy and I was away from Kuching and tomorrow onwards will have to work over the weekends. So the only chance to post more food photo of Kuching Festival is TODAY! Weeeee*

So after my first Kuching Festival Post : Kuching Festival 2014 and second Kuching Festival post : What to eat at Kuching Festival 2014. Here comes the third one. I realized most of the food in Kuching Fest are fried food, everything can be fried, ranging from ice cream, fruits, milk, chocolate bars to rice, seafood and all sorts of meat. Today I wanted to share something interesting.

I remembered few years back they started the Fried Ice Cream, it was like the everyone’s topic back then. Then it comes the Fried Milk, and everyone switch their attention to that something new, Next up is the fried rice balls, fried chocolate mars bar and this year, something caught my attention.

1.) If you cant read chinese, the first from the bottom left says : Fried Watermelon

DSC05994Fried Watermelon!!!! Now they even fried our watermelons. Hohoho! Needless to say, i dropped by Kuching Festival after work (my favourite crowdless time) and buy a pack of these. 

DSC05997RM 5 for approximately 10 beautifully fried watermelons. Becareful when you eat it, its pipping hot inside. I almost burn my tongue on my first bite, and my second bite.. and and.. my third bite. T.T But these fried watermelon cubes have to be consume when its hot because it gets soggy after a while. My comment is… the coating is delicious, with a lil bit of sweet and sour plum seasoning. But the interesting part is.. the crunchy tasty coating covered everything about the watermelon. 🙁 Or maybe my watermelon is just not sweet. You can try yours.. maybe yours are sweet. Sobs sobs

2.) Fried Buttered Pork Ribs

DSC05998The stall looks normal but the food is palatable. 

DSC06000I ordered a pack of fried pork ribs. They have 6 flavors to choose from and i chose Butter Milk. Something out of the tone. 

DSC06010It turned out to be quite well. I mean the combination. Butterish sweet with my savory pork ribs. Not bad at all. What i like the most about the pork ribs is… its smashing juicy. I hate it when my pork ribs is dry and flaky, but definitely not this one. 

3. Curry Fish balls & Bacon Quail Egg at Yakitori

DSC05999Remembered i mentioned i went to the wrong stall for my bacon wrapped quail egg? I found the correct stall now… 

DSC06015Bacon quail egg here is indeed better because the bacon is cripsy and smoky. But what amazed me is another thing..

DSC06012Their Curry Fish Ball! Unlike the others, their kind of curry sauce is thicker and so it stick on the fish ball very well, giving a more compact curry taste. Every bite is flavorful. Love it!

4. Fried Egg Bomb

DSC05025They have a lot of selection to choose from, but what i wanted to try the most is the Fried Egg Bomb! 


DSC06008It was egg wrapped with the fillings from german sausages. Fried and topped with sauce. I had mayonnaise. Its a wise choice to use the fillings of german sausages because you bite it, you can still taste the smoky succulent meat from the normal german sausages we always had, with the bonus, the egg 🙂

5. Wasabi Mayo Fries from Potato Story

DSC06016I wanted to order the cheesy milk but it was sold out. I guess thats the best seller. T.T My second option is the Wasabi Mayo Fries.

DSC06017The wasabi is kind of strong, not in term of spiciness but the aroma. If you like it, you will like it. For me, i kind of enjoy it.

6. Fried Cempedak  (Fried Jackfruit)

DSC06003Cempedak, its the same species as jackfruit i suppose. Its suppose to taste like salty on the crunch and the filling wise, (the fruit) sweet. However, when i bought this, its already in the tray for quite long so.. theres no temperature di. 

DSC06005And.. i remembered i used to eat the seed as well, the texture is very similar to the chestnuts we always had in our chinese festival dumplings but the seed here is undercook. Wuwuwuwu.

I was happy with the food overall… But what makes me even happier is another non-food related thing!!


DSC06046_ppGel Manicure only at RM 19.90!!! How can right?? Why i dint discover this earlier. My colour is actually Turquoise Ocean Blue with blink blink but the photo shows blue. Huhuhu. Anyway! Im happy!! What a steal…! Ladies, i hope you will love this information 🙂 *hyperactive mode*