Jojo Little Kitchen, Jalan Kuchai Lama, KL

I am gaining weight! *haih* The reason being so is becoz i m owes with a kaki makan who wanted to gain weight!! During the days in KL.. thanks to Hikaru who owes bring me to hunt for nice nice food.. huhuhu.. fat jor~

So this is one of the nice pan mee i had in KL.. its somewhere around some place named Kuchai lama? huhu! not so sure… its around 3pm that time and guess what?

the crowd is still there!!

OH!! xiao bai~

He had WheatGrass Longan and mine will be Taufoo fa milk!

The signature dish… traditional Pan Mee (RM 5.50)

with their homemade chilli..

*slurps* very tasty!

Hikaru’s knife cut noodle.. one of their specialty as well… u can add in chilli if u want.. optional.. u can just had it originally.. its dried prawn soup…!(RM 6)

and this best selling century egg dumplings..! for girls.. one biji is ENOUGH for u. trust me.. its huge! ^^

After the super late lunch.. went to MidValley to look for Ethan.. Bcoz… i wanna buy MAC eye liner and he is a make up artist there..

Um hou sai.. i ask him to help me do a bit make up too! *nyek nyek* Seems like he only listen to Hikaru bcoz only when Hikaru ask him to do the make up then he said OK. *hmpf*

*done* thankiuk la Ethan!

Oh.. i really shud learn how to do make up from him….!

AFter that.. continue shoppppping lur..! I m so broke now. T.T

Armani Exchange somemore..! *tooo bad don have ur size hor*

Thankiuk for the companion ah and mr.makan makan! *hugs hugs*