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Max Brenner

I am run out of things to blog..! huhhuhu! Yeah.. forgive me for going back to my melbourne story. teehehe! ANyone loves chocolates?? choc choc anyone?! HUHUHU! i believe almost everyone LOVES choc.. but guess i am the odd one. i don fancy choc..i don fancy anything related to choc. Even choc cake. hehe! weird […]

Melbourne: Build-a-bear-workshop

Evey ask me about the build-a-bear-workshop thingy when we were having lunch at Hilton last weekend… and it actually give me something to blog about!! *nyek nyek* SO this BUILD-A-BEAR-WORKSHOP is in Chadstone.. Well.. there is a shutter bus provided for the tourist to go to Chadstone but its only available during morning time.. so […]

Melbourne : Winery

One of must-do thing in Melbourne is Wine Tasting.. I had mine at Frankston..! Woots.. Actually if you are too free and you are a wine addict.. you can take your time to spend the whole day just to go for wine tasting in every single winery in Australia.. YES.. there are plenty of them.. […]

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