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i’M 23!! (Part 5) @ The Junk

Here i ammmmm!! Manage to select 81 pictures to post here. Others u may have to refer to facebook. *kekeke* It was a mind-blowing birthday party for me! It was a blast! I love u all.. To bao bao who plan this.. the supporting darlings, Annna, Ahlost, Gladys, Gordon and Johnston.. They woke up 7am […]

i’M 23!! (Part 4) @ Kim Bay

My birthday is a Holiday! hahahaha! Wake up at 11sth. oH.. so nice~~ Went to bath and when i go back to my room.. another 5 person is in my room!!! They actually deal with my parents and sneak into my room for surprises.. Of coz.. in such a short period of time.. i din […]

i’M 23!! (Part 2) @ Pandan Thai Delight

We are buddies for 10 years di!!!! And every year.. they never stop trying to give me all sorts of surprises. Thankiuk pik qii, lao mao and hu yi~ I know its the three of them who owes do the planning. =) This year.. we have a simple dinner at Pandan Thai Delight. The food […]

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