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i’M 23!! (Part 1) @ Bla Bla Bla

I celebrated my birthday with my family on the 18.02.2010 which is like 8 days earlier this year because my brother is around Kuching!! *weeeee* Initially plan to go to Original CarWash but ended up at Bla Bla Bla. This year.. like every year.. keren is here to celebrate with me too! *love* Don b […]

T-W-E-N-T-Y T-H-R-E-E!!!

26.02.2010 marked the 23rd year of me living in this world! *teeehehehe* Oh my.. time flies.. and i can feel that i m ageing slowly… and one of the evidence is.. i m here blogging at 7.04am in the morning.. on ONE fine NON WORKING days.. How can?? Before 23.. if i m online at […]

Papa’s 56th Burdae

08.02.2010 is papa’s 56th birthday.. we had awesome dinner at Mr.Ho fine food that evening Nice ambiance.. romantic candlelight candle for four. hohoho! So.. lets start! Ginger beer for lun and i~ mummy say she wanna share with us. Cappuccino for daddy~ while we were waiting for the food.. we took some pictures!! posing! hahaha! […]

Dupy’s 10th Birthday

2/2/2010 marked ahpy’s 10th burday…! *pats pats* This year.. i invited some old friends over to celebrate with Dupy.. They are dupy’s friends too.. they played with Dupy ever since Dupy is still a puppy. *teehehe* A mini gathering with Dupy Hello Furball! At first i plan to prepare Pasta bake and Salmon steak for […]

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