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I love photography. Photographs to me, help to preserve the most memorable moment in my life. Sometimes, human brain has too little space to always remember all their happenings throughout their life, and thats when photographs play a great part. By looking at them, it helps you to remember happy things you have been through. […]


Just some random post out from no where. Sometimes when you are alone, you tend to flash back things that happened or people whom had once ever walked in your life. Little little things that happened makes you grow, but it also makes you realized that how cruel the world and the reality can be. […]

About Haters

Hello!! Today i have an amusing story to share. In life, haters often comes in to complete what you are today. Haters normally made up of people who are jealous of you. People who “care” too much about your life because they have nothing better to do or people who just want to make your […]

October is Challenging

Hello October.. As i said, please be awesome! October for me is challenging.. It might be hard to go through, it might get on a lot of nerves, it might be sudden pop-up situation. However, i believe everything can be settled in this world. We are all separated individuals, we have our own life, we […]

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