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Sofa Paradise!

Its like some datos talking some big business! HAHAHAHA! Transparent toilet! *wooohooooo*~ I feel like i m in the zooo.. neh.. u know.. the one where penguins normally kept. the icing transparent area! but this is the monkeys’ version! hoho! My favourite Sofa goes to… *DANG!!!!*

Melbourne: Ahyien Learned Salsa! + Me love Broken Rice

I have been mentioning about broken rice in Plurk.. so.. what is Broken Rice?? Its actually one of the three very famous dishes of Vietnamese Cuisine. “Pho”, broken rice and the popiah.. the ultimate stars of vietnam!! So today.. i get to try broken rice.. broken rice according to ah leng is.. normally we have […]

Oyster Buffet~!

Wuahahaha! Here come the post of my favourite oyster buffet!! Oyster oyster oyster!!!!! *pa, next time bring u go* muahahaha………! As what i have expected.. oyster buffet should have lotsa oysterssss!!TADA! The raw and creamy oysters… *drools* And my very favourite… Cheese baked oyster with bacon.. wow! i think they refill it every 5 mins.. […]

We miss Aaron (Part 1)

Today, our aaron will be leaving to Bintulu..! hmmmpf.. i din know pharmacist will be transfered from place to place too.. and somemore.. its freaking two years long.. =( We all gonna miss u a lot AAron..  Just last night.. we took our family portrait.. Sorry guys i couldnt make it to the farewell dinner […]

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