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Its not a good month

Morning everyone!! oh.. its the first time i blog so so so early in the morning…!! Well.. things are not going too well for me this few weeks… a lot of things happen… for no reason.. count urself how many misfortune things have happen in you within this few weeks… huhuhuhu… i bet u gonna […]

The End

Today will be my last day of my God-Like life…. No more travelling around.. No more sleeping til noon.. No more staying up til morning… My “xian”-life… huhuhu…. ENDED.

5.55 am

I will be going over to Phuket later…! If got anything.. you can just text me lo.. coz my phone is on roaming liao. *huhu* The  phuket trip makes me feel like so long i haven been to a vacation with my Family.. huhuhu! Nvm.. wait me earn money… =) I saw an email from […]

I m currently..

hmmm.. too many things happened recently and i have too much pictures to edit. kakaka! i m currently editing my pictures.. feeling a bit lazy.. my scholarship from swinburne haven been process yet. ahh!! so long one.. and my parents are nagging me about that! *haaaaiiihh* pek chek-ness. Huhu.. wondering which one shud i update […]

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