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KL : Friday Paradise!

HuHu.. Maybe coz of not sleeping at my own bed.. i wake up surprisingly early on friday morning.. 6sth to be exact.. wanted to update my blog but too badly the laptop doesnt support some features i need.. Today is Friday morning.. The first morning i have in this trip to KL.. Well… its neither […]

KL : The Arrival

Weehehe! finally at home to update my blog.. ^^ See. i m so rajin i din even sleep when i get home. haha!! We went to KL at the 10th of July.. near to MIdnight.. so says we will be arriving at midnight something.. It was kinda bored in the airport..not much ppl.. not much […]


Its 1.25am now.. I’ve reached KL.. Everyone dozed off to sleep once we reached here but i am kinda guilty to sleep because before that we just eaten our so-called supper– KOLO MEE.. haiz.. how can i just sleep like that rite?? aiyo.. *stressed* Now at my brother condo trying to update my blog but everything […]

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