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Hualien Zi-Qiang Night Market 自强夜市

Night Markets are one of the Taiwan Tourist Attractions. You go to Taiwan, you have to visit the night markets. That is probably the place that you can find what most of the locals eat and buy. 台湾的夜市可说是真的他们其中一个的旅游景点之一哪。不只有好吃的东西吃。。夜市也是一个让你可以融入到台湾人到地的生活形态哪。 In Hualien, the famous night market is called Zi-Qiang Night Market. The scale is not that big […]

What to eat in Hualien? (2/2) 花莲美食

Continuation of What to eat in Hualien? (1/2) 续集花莲美食1篇 Hualien is a very peaceful town with less population and a lot of greens. Its slower in pace if compared to the big city like Taipei and KaoShiung. If you are looking for a more relax place to visit, Hualien is what you are looking for. […]

What to eat in Hualien? (1/2) 花莲美食

After the guide to Hualien, its time for the food! Different travellers have different perspective and liking when it comes to travelling. For me, I eat to understand the country. So do expect a lot of food in all my travel posts. Street food is something you cant miss in Taiwan. We spent 1 full […]

HuaLien + Taichung Itinerary 2014 花莲台中之旅

YEA I KNOW.. I know I mentioned I will not go to Taiwan anymore in this 5 years time. Sometimes, it is just so hard to predict. Just a random day when we were watching some Taiwanese show introducing the food… and… a moment later, to check on AirAsia and… thanks to the AirAsia’s affordable […]