12 Things to do in Kuta, Bali

Saw a lot of people posting picture of Bali so I was thinking to share my bali trip 2 years back. Hahaha. It was a little bit too late but oh well, I have more outdated post back there. So today I will be sharing my 12 things to do in Kuta Bali free and easy excluding sightseeing:

1. Stroll along Kuta Beach

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2. Enjoy the Sunset at Kuta Beach

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3. Surfing

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4. BBQ corn

dsc06358 dsc06359The corn is a must try. It can be found anywhere along the street in Kuta. That buttery secret sauce and their local mixed chilli paste. oh my! I had this almost everyday when I’m at Bali!


5. My forever so awesome-must-eat Bebek Tepi Sawah

As compared to Babi Guling, I love my bebek so much more. Bebek means duck in Indon language and Bebek Tepi Sawah is definitely one of the reputed restaurant in Bali serving one of the best bebek. Happy to say that they open a branch at Beachwalk shopping mall!! And probably if I were to go back to Bali, Bebek is the reason. 

dsc06515 dsc06517 dsc06518 dsc06519-horzI had avocado juice. Yums! Perfect match! 

dsc06521And this is my ultimate love in Bali!! The duck may look dry but you are totally wrong, the skin of the duck is fried to crisp but the meat underneath it is still very juicy and tender, it is well seasoned and rubbed with their special spices. I guess that’s the reason that makes it so addictive. To make everything even more magical, try to eat them with their sauce. I love the minced onion sauce the most. For those who can handle ultimate level of spiciness, you will love the other two. Too hot for me to handle them.

dsc06527 dsc06529


6. The famous Made Warung

dsc06411One of the most discussed restaurant in Bali. The Made’s Warung. The served authentic balinese cuisine and some with a twist. This is Bebek berempah (spiced herby duck) with the famous pork skewer. Another high recommended one is their crab cooked with their traditional spices and coconut milk. Dang it! However, its slightly pricey here but definitely worth a try.

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7. Explore Beachwalk shopping mall

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8. Spend some time in the Arcade


If this is not your first time to Bali and you are just too lazy to visit all the infamous Uluwatu and Ubud iconic places; just want to pace around and relax just like me, you can opt to try out their arcade at Beachwalk shopping mall just beside the food court. This particular game makes me sweat like nobody’s business. It’s like a dancing machine but dance using both of your hand. Hohoho! I spend more than 2 hours crazily challenging this game. 


9. 24 hours restaurant for Supper

dsc06498 dsc06502


10. Happy soda

dsc06510-horzOne of my favourite drinks in Bali. Happy Soda or Soda Gembira. It’s a mixture of air bandung with milk and a bottle of fizzy soda. Yums!

11. Dress like a typical tourist

dsc06537_pYou always have your holiday outfit. Just dress like you are going to the beach, you will enjoy more if you indulge yourselves in that mood!

12. Save some rupiah for airport tax

dsc06550Do not spend every cent of your money in Bali. Please keep at least the amount above to pay for the airport tax or you will stuck there like a lot of my friends did. hahahahahahaha!

And of coz, you should enjoy the nightlife in Bali but we give it a pass this time. For more touristy itinerary, please click the link before :