Bali Day 1 : Uluwatu & Jimbaran Beach

[ Bali Day 1 : 030713 ] Arrived at Denpasar Airport around 3.05pm. Go through immigration took us about 1 hour because it was the summer of Bali, the peak season and everywhere is so crowded. 


Initial plan is to head down to our Hotel first but because of the traffic jam, we decided to go straight to Uluwatu for the sunset excursion first. I was in Group B! 

IMG_1235This is the first view of mine in Bali.. Hmmmm…. Hmm….

IMG_1241Arrived at Uluwatu around 5pm something. Those wearing sexy miniskirt of short pants have to get your beautiful legs wrapped in this shining satin sarong. 

IMG_1238The queue up station for the sarong. This is to show respect to the God of the mountains and the whole sacred area of Uluwatu. 

IMG_1239Our Bali Tour Guide of the trip : Agus.

IMG_1240Im ready for the Uluwatu exploration!

IMG_1245They said the place is full of naughty monkeys.. Well, we dint see any mainly because there were too many people around.. Monkey shy shy.

IMG_1249Lotsa stairs and long journey.. I realised a lot of girls were wearing heels somemore. hehehe!

IMG_1247The signature structure of Bali. You can see this kinda structure all around Bali island

IMG_1254Beautiful scenery..


IMG_1288Oh.. i gonna spam you guys will lotsa pictures because they are all the same and i dont know which one to post.. hahaha!


IMG_1277Camwhoring.. Known that first day of the incentive trip i hardly know anyone there so.. Do it Myself. I mean photography!



IMG_1319The hallway was very clean.. and you have this ancient feel when you walked on this Island of God.

IMG_1289We walked to another side of the Island.. and saw this spectacular view of the scenery and locals doing their routine ritual at the end of the Island. The red colour group at the end will be.

IMG_1296We have to pay a certain amount of money in order to witness their ritual in worshiping the Gods of the mountain and sea but we dont have much time so we skipped that part and do the usual photo taking.

IMG_1299The scenery was breathtaking

IMG_1300and the waves were definately good for surfing. Teehehehe!

IMG_1326And this little basket made of coconut leaves filled with flowers, candies and biscuit is actually one of the tradition offerings to worship the Gods and Angels

IMG_1285The sunset was around 6.15pm. 

IMG_1304It was beautiful… 

IMG_1308Watching alone makes me missed everyone in Kuching. Feel like smell smell keren’s nose too. Hmmmm!

IMG_1313More pictures of the sunset view.. 

IMG_1328We were on our way back to the bus after the sunset excursion and we finally saw two naughty monkeys watching the crowd.

IMG_1331Hello Moooonkeys! 

IMG_1343Next up… we headed to Jimbaran Beach for our Lobster Dinner as planned. Blue Marlin is the restaurant among all of them. Dinner by the beach is somewhat a special experienced. Did it once in Phuket but its morning time so the view is not overwhelming..

IMG_1359I would say this one is.. I just cant help myself in taking lotsa pictures!

IMG_1383We were served seafood grilled with young coconut shell. One of their specialty here. 


The servings was shocking because we get one set each. And most of the people couldnt finish it.

You can read more about the Jimbaran Beach seafood feast here : Full Article

IMG_1399It was late night around 10.30pm when we reached our hotel… 

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