Hello TaiChung!

After 2 awesome days in Hualien, we packed and say goodbye to our comfortable crib.


DSC07586Byebye Hualien from our 10th floor apartment….

DSC07588Hualien has been treating us very good. Good food, good people and peaceful town… and now, we will embark to our next destination!

DSC07593TaiChung. We chose to fly to Taichung instead of using train or bus because it is less time consuming. Train and bus took around 5 hours from Hualien to Taichung and flight only took us 1 hour! We use TransAsia and it cost less than RM 200.

DSC07597Hualien Airport… <3

DSC07602A one hour very comfortable flight to Taichung. 

DSC07598and HELLO TAICHUNG. Please be good to us like what Hualien did. Teehehehehe!


We will be spending another 3 nights here… room is kind of small as compared to the Hualien ones but location is good.

DSC07603 DSC07604


DSC07605It is located in the alley just opposite Feng Jia night market. The hottest place in Taichung! Weeee* Stay tune for more of TaiChung.