Hong Kong Must Eat : Kam Wah Cafe 金華冰廳 (Best Polo Bun) & Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司 (Best Scrambled Eggs)

I assumed every time you read about Hong Kong Travels and Food, you will definately came across these two. No doubt Kam Wah Cafe serves the BEST polo bun BUT ITS SO STRESS eating there!! OMG! 



How to go to Kam Wah Cafe : Take MRT to Prince Edward and exit B2. Cross over to the right side of the street, walk straight and turn left to Bute Street


DSC00407Kam Wah Cafe. Not too big but not too small as well. But beware, a lot of people might not get used to the very rude manner they have for you. However, don’t be upset, they are just busy and short tempered and rude I guess. 

DSC00401 DSC00405But surprisingly or lucky for me, this is the only restaurant which I encountered very rude service. Other than this one, happy to say all the waitress or owners are very kind and polite. Don’t get me wrong, i still enjoy the food there. Just a reminder for readers from very friendly countries. And we feel so stressed while eating because firstly, you cannot ask if your food is ready or you cannot ask for recommendation. Secondly, you have no time to think because they will scold you if you took too long to see the menu. Thirdly, if they talk to you, please be alert and answer, don’t get scolded. Also, please eat fast because the feeling its like if you don’t finish the food fast enough they will eat  you. In conclusion : Don’t talk so much, don’t ask so much, just eat, pay and leave!

DSC00385The signature polo bun! YES. Non stop baking their polo bun! I’ve tried a few places with their polo buns but really, Kam wah has it all!

DSC00390_pHello darling Polo bun! #whyyousoyummy

DSC00389Apart from that, they have this polo bun with roasted meat. very good as well. Pork is very tender and I guess the bun is the magic! Soft, fluffy, crunchy sweet tops and buttery inside! 

DSC00386 DSC00396French toast. Remember to eat with maple syrup! Yums! *maple syrup on your table*

Apart from that, they do have breakfast set meal too!!

DSC00400LIKE THIS. Main course + Egg & sausages + Drinks

We ordered two mains to try. 

DSC00391Preserved vegetables with minced pork with nissin noodles! This one is better because the toppings actually enhance the flavour of the soup and noodles

DSC00395Another is the roasted pork macaroni. Well, so so 

DSC00398We had milk tea for both.

DSC00402In case you are wondering about the pricing? Yup its cheap

DSC00404_pDespite all the scary and stress moments in the shop, we still manage to take a very quick photo! HAHA! 


Kam Wah Cafe  (Operating hours : 6.30am – 12.00am)

G/F, 47 Bute Street, Prince Edward




The top must eat food in Hong Kong. We read so much about the queue so we decided to have it for supper instead of breakfast! CLEVER right? YES. No queue around 9pm! Tips for those who don’t want to queue but still can’t resist their legendary scrambled eggs.

HOW TO GET TO AUSTRALIAN DAIRY COMPANY : Use MRT to get to Jordan station. Exit at C2 and walk towards parkes street. 


DSC00558The big signboard outside


DSC00537Its the typical cha chaan teng with very traditional small tables and seats. Lucky for us we get to order immediately after we arrived.

DSC00549_pSee how small is the table. No we are not big lei T.T #sobs

DSC00538Ok so lets order!

DSC00542 DSC00551Of coz, the signature scrambled eggs on toast! Please do not miss this. Its the LEGENDARY fluffy milky buttery scrambled eggs. So light and fluffy but so milky in flavour. HOW U GUYS DO THAT!

We ordered the breakfast set to try as well.


DSC00553_pI was like WHAT? The bread is freaking awesome as well. Being a hardcore bread addict, I actually love their white bread more than anything! OMGGGGGG… another #whyyousoyummy

DSC00554White fluffy bread dipped in runny egg yolks. I feel you now.

DSC00547Steamed milk pudding. Hot one we tried. Not too bad I like it but the scrambled eggs and white bread grab all our attentions already.

Come back again? Definitely a big YES! 


Australia Dairy Company (Operating hours : 7.30am – 11.00pm Closed on Thu)

G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan