Jiufen & Shifen route : Elephant Rock, YinYang Sea 九份十分。深澳漁港象鼻岩。阴阳海

Photos taken by my note 4 because camera spoilt on day 1 T.T

Its end of the year again! Normally around these few months, my views for Taiwan posts will be very high, I guess year end or the beginning of the year is a good time for travelling. I am trying to rush all my latest Taiwan related post within this month, hope it helps!

This is definitely not my first time to Jiufen & Shifen so I’ll cut things short. This time round we will have different route. Instead of going to JiuFen first, we went to ShiFen waterfall. So this is the attraction that Ive opt out for the past visits to Taiwan and I think I’ve made a right choice over the years. Hahahaha! 


20150906_102548_mr1441524051084Weather was extremely hot… 

20150906_103118The map to go to the waterfall.

20150906_103141_pWell, its not that far but to walk under the hot sun, ITS very far for me!

There’s a small street with a few stalls selling food and drinks before you proceed to the waterfall location. More selfies & welfies!

20150906_103325 20150906_103416_p

20150906_103841_p 20150906_103949_pand yup, the waterfall is just behind me. Thats the one. Side view

Walk for another 3 mins and you will reach the destination. This is the waterfall. Hmmm.. Is that consider spectacular? Sorry to say. No for me. I’ve seen far more beautiful waterfalls at other countries. Even the one at Korea is such more magnificent than this one. Sad to say. We stayed for like less than 2 mins for some photographs and left.

20150906_104720 20150906_105949_pThis is why i am showing you more of my selfie than the waterfall. Nothing much to show mar. Hehe!

Proceed to another attraction in ShiFen. This one is far more worth visiting. But as I mentioned, I will cut things short, can refer to my previous post for JiuFen & Shifen

20150906_111840 20150906_115339Its a beautiful small township along the railway.. I like this place to be honest. Seeing people writing their wishes on the lantern, its priceless.. all kind of languages all kind tourists chopping their wishes and promises here… very sweet.

20150906_113817_pWe had ours of coz.. 

20150906_113825Hope you read our messages! 

We then proceed to JiuFen! Its time for some food seriously!

Cab driver was nice enough he stopped by a lookout point for some photographs. I cant remember the name but he mentioned this is where most of the bikers will gather after their trail.

20150906_123209_p 20150906_123421_p 20150906_123541_p 20150906_123702_mr1441524791583Not too bad I guess. 


20150906_125324 20150906_125340_pAnd not long later.. Hello JiuFen!! I miss your food!!

20150906_130755Food hunting!! The pink meatballs and gong wan soup! Its pink colour because its marinated with the red yeast. Sweet on the outside, chewy skin but very flavourful meat fillings inside! Business was damn good tho

20150906_130857And the Gong wan soup! I love gong wan. Gong wan is a direct translation for meat ball. They have multiple colours that present different flavours. Pink colour is strawberry flavoured meatball. Black one is squid ink and so for. Try it!

20150906_131935Its always so crowded in JiuFen but when there’s a queue, means that particular thing is very famous. I never missed this one whenever Im at Jiufen. Its called “Cao Zai Gao”

20150906_133816_p-tile capture-20151126-110450Its something like a kuih but with very delicious fillings like red bean paste, salted green bean paste, shredded carrot or pickled radish. I personally love the salted green bean and pickled radish. Yums!!!

Now it is something new… How can I  missed out this shop last time!! 

20150906_143218As you all know, I am a steamed chicken or chicken rice addict.. I am craving for chicken rice when I walked pass this shop… 

20150906_135804We ordered the signature garden chicken, “chicken essence” rice and steamed xiao long bao!

20150906_135758OMG THE CHICKEN I TELL YOU! ITS NOT THE ORDINARY CHICKEN YOU HAVE TASTED!! The steamed garden chicken is so flavourful.. flavourful as in, it taste like a very healthy corn chicken. You know sometimes chicken can be very bland.. If you love chicken rice, you will definitely love my recommendation on this one!! Even until today, I am still thinking about it!! Thank God I walked pass your shop!

20150906_144003We continue walking, tried some snacks which I am too lazy to take picture and bought some awesome souvenirs like the pickled sour plum, blackened peanuts, acorn jelly and more snacks..

And of coz, beautiful sceneries from JiuFen!

20150906_141722 20150906_142200_p 20150906_142331We left JiuFen shortly after this. While we were on the way back to Taipei, the very enthusiastic cab driver insisted to bring us to more attractions. Hmmm.. why not!


20150906_152724This is called the YinYang Sea.

20150906_152749_pWhy? Look at the colour! Three different colours. Very unique isnt it.

Elephant Cliff 象鼻岩

20150906_155127And also the elephant rock/ elephant cliff.

20150906_155146_mr1441527796518I am sure you know why the name elephant cliff is given right?

20150906_155400_016_pIt is beautiful but at the same time its scary because its like walking on the cliff without any fencing.. rough seas below so.. just becareful.

20150906_155424_pNot for the fainted heart like my mama!

20150906_155836_p 20150906_160418On the other side of the cliff, its the beautiful sea! So, last peaceful photo to end this post! Read more of JiuFen & ShiFen HERE 🙂