Kaohsiung Travel Guide 2 : Qijin Island Day Trip, Qijin Must Eat Food, Kaohsiung Pier 2 Art Center, Ba Wei Ginger Duck 旗津一日游,旗津美食 :万三,波士顿蛋糕,椪嫂番薯椪,駁二藝術特區 ,霸味姜母鸭,阿好咸粥50年老店

Day 2 in Kaohsiung which is also our last full day in Kaohsiung.

Good Morning! We woke up early because we plan to go to Qijin Island (旗津) as part of the itinerary today. Qijin Island is an island located just 5 mins ferry ride away from Kaohsiung city. But before we go to the details of Qijin Island, lets go hunt for some breakfast!

We chose this breakfast shop called 老江红茶牛奶 which has been operating for over 65 years selling Kaohsiung local breakfast. A very humble shop and limited seats so be fast and early if you wanna have breakfast here.

We had some toast and egg pancake. Decent but nothing to shout about.

So the Qijin Island day trip begins! How to go to Qijin Island? Easy as ABC i will list down the easiest and most convenient way for your reference:

How to go to Qijin Island (CijinIsland)?

  1. Grab a taxi/cab to Gushan Ferry harbour (Or you can just tell the drivers you want to go to QijinIsland and they will bring you to the harbour
  2. Buy the tickets at the counter. Its NT 25 which is approximately RM 3.30 or SGD 1.10 per journey
  3. Hop on to your ferry and it will arrive 5 mins later. They have ferries every 5 minutes so you need not have to worry

TADA!! and we have arrived in Qijin Island. Best way to explore Qijin Island is by renting a electrical tricycle. Effortless to handle it. They have plenty of rental shop once you arrived in Qijin Island harbour and just choose the one offering you the best price. You can nego because there are too many competitors there. And remember to get a map so you can follow the route and explore every inch of Qijin island !!

This is our electrical tricycle. Vroooom!!! You know, we race among other tricyles too. So fun!

So first we went to the old fort. It offers probably the best view of Qijin Island as it is located high up the ground level and it is like a viewpoint too. We took a lot of pictures. The down side will be the extremely hot weather but also that is what makes the pictures look nice.

Here’s some of the photos we took there. I think the best experience will be exploring using the electrical tricycle. You definitely have to try this option! We had a lot of fun cheering while exploring. Best Moment

One of the signature stop will be this rainbow arch. Beautiful!

And off to the other end of the Island. Qijin Island is a great place for bonding and pictures. I need to keep emphasing it.

Qijin Island is famous for its seafood and old town as well. But before we opt to explore the old town, lets have some fresh seafood at this restaurant call “wan san” 万三 first because the old town is near the harbour so we can had our lunch first then head to old town before getting a ferry back. Perfect route!

So this restaurant called 万三 is a restaurant selling self service seafood. You buy the coupon or token at the counter and select your own food. Lets say you buy a token of NTD 2000 then u can select and pay for the food you want. The remaining of the value can be exchange back in cash if you did not finish spending it.

These are the food we had. Not the super overwhelming one but its ok. 6/10

We then go back to the old town which is located in front of the harbour and also the place we rented our electrical tricycle. Time to say bye bye to our best companion of the trip. Hahahaha!

And what should we eat along the Qijin Old Town? Here’s two snacks that i recommended. The old school boston cream cake and fried potato balls. I personally like the fried potato balls better because its crunchy on the outside and glooooey inside. Its sweet but becareful, its extremely hot.

And so we ended our Qijin Island Day Trip!

It was still early so we hop on a cab and went to the pier 2 art center. This is also a place where imagination flows. They have many creative displays and a huge place for people to just hang out here. I would spend more time here if the weather is not killing me.

Love all the art presentation here. They have more but I cant stand the sun. You guys should explore more ya.

We went back to have a quick rest and went for dinner. Papa wanted to try this food over all the winter trips we had in Taiwan but eventually I don’t know why we are having this during the very hot autumn. But still.. its very good! Definitely a good winter food i reckon.

Its called “Ba Wei” ginger duck pot. They provide you with a basic pot of ginger duck and you can add items just like your typical steamboat.

Please order this duck oil mee sua. Its a type of thin noodles in between noodles and vermicelli. Yums!

You can see how much alcohol they have add in for this yummy pot!

My brother went to buy his favourite supper snack. I have to post this up because he had been eating this throughout the whole taiwan trip! They have it in almost all the night markets. Night market franchise hor!

And we came across some drama shooting at liuhe night market when we went home. Hmmmm.. interesting.

The next morning we venture around the nearby area and settle our breakfast at this 50 yrs old breakfast stall selling porridge and some taiwan breakfast food.

We had the seafood porridge, braised pork rice, some pork neck meat and fish skin soup! Yums. And we also order a very weird food. Fish Intestine! its suppose to fry it for the best texture but they stir fry it instead. Hmmmm! not the best!

Bought some food in front of our hotel as well. The old school noodles which I forgot to take pic but it ranked a 8/10 for the taste. And my favourite milk items!

We just took our sweet time rest and do some packing for the day as our flight is in the evening. Before we proceed to the airport, me and mama went down to liuhe night market to have our early dinner. We stumbled across this random stall selling glutinous rice and 4 god soup and we totally love it!!

Glutinous rice is served with pickled cucumber, fish floss, braised peanuts and braised pork. So good we packed some for my papa and brother.

4 Gods soup prefers to soup consist of barley, pork intestine, gingko and some chinese herbs. Its good for health though.

And so we bid goodbye to our Taiwan trip this year. Snack for the planes of cause!

Oh… Please buy this for me as souvenir next time if you come. Yam pastry with mochi! Noms Noms! show you the packaging liao so… please buy for me!