KK Famous Sang Yuk Mien @ Kedai Kopi Melanian 金沙园生肉面

Sang Yuk Mien, Mee Tuaran, Tenom Noodles, Bak Kut Teh. The Must-Eat in KK. And over so many of them, sang yuk mien is one of my favourite, something that i wouldnt miss everytime i step down at KK. What is Sang Yuk Mien? Sang Yuk Mien according to the locals refer to a bowl of pork offal/fresh sliced pork clear soup and noodles stirred with dark sweet soy sauce. You can find coffee shop serving sang yuk mien all over KK but theres one that i often go, and i pinned it as my favourite… until last month. 

DSC05227Kedai Kopi Melanian, used to be the best place serving my best sang yuk mien but not sure whether i am just unlucky or maybe the second branch wasnt that good. I went to the branch at Lintas area which is also my first time there. Normally i had my sang yuk mien at Kedai Kopi Melanian located at Jalan Pantai at the city center (the original shop), they never failed to make me keep falling in love over and over again with their sang yuk mien but… the branch at Lintas Plaza really disappoint me. T.T

DSC05226This is the Lintas Plaza branch. I should have sense the differences because at the main shop, the chef never stop cooking. This one just look too free.

DSC05215We ordered Yong Tofu as our starter while waiting for our noodles. The tofu is soft but taste wise, its a lil bit too mild for my preference. But overall still not bad

DSC05216Our Sang Yuk Mien came right after we finished our yong tofu. We order mixed pork soup with noodles.

DSC05219The chilli sauce is also one of the important element that add colours to the sang yuk mien

DSC05220A set of Sang Yuk Mien look like this. 

DSC05221This is my bowl of mixed pork soup. Taste wise as compared to the main shop : Slightly tasteless. It should be sweet and rich with the natural flavors from all the meat. The pork slices wise is not as smooth and tender as what the main shop served. Disappointed.

DSC05224Noodle wise is still alright. You cant possibly messed up the noodles right. I still like the noodles, the first mouth brings me back down to my memory lane of my favourite Sang Yuk Mien. The noodles is very springy, the texture is there, coated with the aromatic dark soy sauce and a tip of pork lard. Still so finger licking good. 

DSC05225I would only say, i’ll go back to the Jalan Pantai Main Shop next time round. I miss you Sang Yuk Mien! <3<3<3

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