Kyoto : Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Jishu Shrine the LOVE Temple!

One of the top list for sight seeing, shopping and blessings — The Kiyomizu-dera Temple. Kiyomizu-dera temple (清水寺) which also translated as “Pure Water temple” is one of the oldest temple in Japan. It is also one of the UNESCO world herritage sites. I don’t have much info about it because our main visit is the Jishu Shrine behind. Talk more later!

20160218_164715 DSC00359We went to this place twice. First time after our Arashimaya Bamboo Grove visit but too bad the temples closed at 5pm. So we only get to see the sunset… beautiful isn’t it. 

DSC00360 DSC00361We weren’t able to go in both the temple after 5pm but still able to take some beautiful pictures.. So, please just go in the morning time.

How to go to Kiyomizu-dera temple : From kyoto station, go to the bus terminal and took bus 100 or 206. Get off at Gojo-zaka (if you are not sure, the destination board in the bus will show too, pay attention to the board). At Gojo-zaka stop, follow the signage or just follow the crowd!

DSC00386So yeah we go to the temple again the next morning.. I mean noon! Snack time!

DSC00348 DSC00349There’s a stall selling beef bun along the street that you can’t miss. (which I mentioned in my previous post) So good. The meat is like overflow..! We had it the night before, we had it again the next morning. This is how good it is!

20160218_162301_mr1456213062861Beef bun + Beer! Best combi I guess~

DSC00350 DSC00354 DSC00356I like to stroll along the street. It feels… so old.. so traditional.. so ancient. I prefer this kinda environment far more than the city. 

DSC00392 DSC00393 DSC00395 DSC00399It was a long 10 mins walk to the beautiful temple. 

20160219_134749_p DSC00396

20160219_135333_mr1456136854703 DSC00401And from some part of the temple, you can actually overlook the whole Kyoto. Wow! the view is simply breathe taking!

20160219_135238_pWhat i like about Japanese, they queue for their turn to take pictures! so everyone got a clear and beautiful pictures of the view~

We had a very quick walk around Kiyomizu-dera temple because as I mentioned earlier, our mission is the Jishu Shrine which is located behind the Kiyomizu-dera temple! 


DSC00404This one! Jishu Shrine, some people like to refer it as the love temple, its a shrine dedicated to the deity of love and match matching.

DSC00411In front of the shrine there are 2 love stones.. places 18 meters apart. People believed that if you can find your way from the first stone to the second stone with your eye closed, it will bring luck in finding love. If you need someone to guide you from one stone to another, it means that we will need an intermediary in finding your love.

DSC00409Oh did you see the names at the orange board behind. its the name of the couples from around the world who tie their knot here. So cool right~

DSC00407WELL, I am very confident I can walked to the second stone with my eyes close but when we arrived there, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. LOOK AT THE CROWD! OMG!!! Its like you are standing in front of the first stone and there are at least 10 layers of human beings in between.

20160219_141805_mr1456212870635SO we took the second option. Someone to guide us. Kelvin guide me. I guide Kelvin and Kelvin guide Tracy. In the end! We made it! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

DSC00412 DSC00414So after the love stone blessings. We went to the love plates blessings. So it is said that you write your love related wishes on the plates hang it on the wall and pray sincerely. The God of love will take care of your wishes.

20160219_143208_mr1456212647504We did it again too! 

20160219_144014We bought some blessed charms for good luck! Yay! 

DSC00416And so, we left the Jishu Shrine. Jishu Shrine is located at the hilltop.. so.. look at the steps! 

20160219_144438_mr1456212564162We saw some mainland tourist taking pictures with the stairs so yea.. we did it too! Hahaha! 

DSC00419 DSC00423After all the blessings, its time to shop! Just beside Kiyomizu-dera temple, there’s a shopping street. 

DSC00418Souvenirs, food, gifts.. everything!

20160219_151053 20160219_151426_pKatana too! Kel bought one. The full size one ranging from 14000 Yen (RM500) to 100,000 Yen (RM3600). Please survey a few shop before you buy. Most outlets there sells Katana!

DSC00421And we came across this sake soft serve.

20160219_152356_mr1456212467266OMG and it taste like sake + milk.  Love it! 

We still have two more days and we ran out of yen.. Asked around and there’s money changer here! Woots! so excited

20160219_152556And to our surprised.. its a money changer machine! Wow.. i feel so “suaku”. I’ve never seen anything like that. So cool. So basically you just slip in your currency note and it will detact themselves, show your the rate and press ok to receive your Yen! Malaysia ringgit is not accepted btw. Tips for travelling, its always better to bring USD, SGD and HKD along. #malaysiacurrencynovalue

20160219_153408And with that, we ended our visit at Kiyomizu-dera temple area! Time to hunt for food!! Next post… the best conveyor belt sushi in Kyoto!