Maldives Travel Guide Day 1 & 2 : From Hulhumale to Maafushi

So after my previous post on Things you need to know before you go Maldives, I’ll proceed to my Maldives Travel Guide now. So as this trip is a very spontaneous decision, we cant get hold of the preferred airlines we want. I booked this trip via the “Flight + Hotel” section from Airasia after a lot of quick research on which hotel we wanted to stay.


Tips : If you are a “seek for comfy” person like me, 4 hours flight with Airasia is killing me. The space are soooo limited I can feel the pain in my backbone. So if next time you were to book a trip, I suggest to book earlier so you can opt for other airlines.

IMG_20170831_202109_resized_20170915_032008758So as I mentioned, there is no need any visa application to go Maldives. All you need is to fill up the visa on arrival form. And if you arrived Maldives after 3pm, there is no speed boat or ferry to go to the Island therefore you need a one night stay at Hulhumale which is where the airport located. There is no need to go to Male. Hulhumale is good enough. There’s one very unique thing in Hulhumale Airport (Velana International Airport), if you din’t see your hotel personnel waiting for you or we have any problems or any confusion, just head to the information counter and they will solve everything for you. There’s a telephone at the information counter and if you need to call whoever, just use the telephone for free at your own conveniences. We din’t see our hotel people at the arrival hall because our flight is delayed for an hour, we went to the information counter and they just ask me to call the hotel. Problem solved. Even later the next day when we were waiting for the speedboat transfer, the gathering point is at the information counter as well. All Hail Multipurpose information counter!

We booked a guesthouse call Elite Inn which is just located near Eastern Beach at Hulhumale. Hulhumale is a very small and reserved little town, very peaceful and quiet. People around the Island is friendly so if you do not know where to eat when you first arrived, you can either ask the locals for suggestions or just go near the beach for the beachfront restaurants. Since we arrived at Hulhumale around 9pm, (airport is just 10  mins drive from Hulhumale main area) we went to bed early. 

IMG_20170901_095722_resized_20170915_032012496combinedWe booked Elite Inn for USD 60 per room with simple breakfast included and airport transfers. Breakfast served to your doorstep! 

As you can see, simple continental breakfast like that is never enough for the hungry monsters… I mean in term of satisfaction! We want more food!

IMG_20170901_094239_resized_20170915_032006845We woke up very early around 9am and ready to explore this little town of Hulhumale. Honestly speaking, there’s literally nothing except the beautiful beach. 

IMG_20170901_094405_mh1504248457180_resized_20170915_031514406 IMG_20170901_102424_mh1504244499498_resized_20170915_031514808Oh THE BEACH IS SO BEAUTIFUL especially the sand. Its so clean and white. I would say I actually prefer the beach here compared to the one at Maafushi. Maafushi has beautiful sea as well but the sand is not as clean.

goMeihuaTemp_mh1504244454465_resized_20170915_031515247 goMeihuaTemp_mh1504244800463_resized_20170915_031514889 goMeihuaTemp_mh1504244978300_resized_20170915_031515061 goMeihuaTemp_mh1504249000056_resized_20170915_031514730 goMeihuaTemp_mh1504284085647_resized_20170915_031515329 IMG-20170901-WA0012_mr1504276470050_mh1504276572009_resized_20170915_031514217We wandered around taking lotsa picture before we settled down for a breakfast place alongside the beach. 

AND HERE WE FOUND ONE OF THE BEST DISH THROUGHOUT THE TRIP — THE TUNA STEAK! OH MY GOLLY! The tuna steak is so fresh the meat is still soft but al dente. A simple char grilled with salt and pepper seasoning is enough to do justice. 


IMG_20170901_105648_resized_20170915_032007246Another famous Maldivian breakfast, “Mas huni” which is made up of shredded tuna and coconut, onions and chilli. All of the ingredients are chopped and grated finely eaten normally with roshi or chapati. I eat this everyday throughout the trip. 

goMeihuaTemp_mh1504244683882_resized_20170915_031514104Happy Tummy Happy Family! A lot of people ask :” Why go Maldives with Family? So weird eh.” No no no its not weird at all, my family is the best travel partners of mine because they follow my planning they are very sporting and we can play and eat all sorts of things together. I have my favourite three travelling groups which I can stick travel with them for the rest of my life. 1.) My family 2.) My Secondary Jimuis Yuenni & Laomao and 3.) My Dearest Debbie & Tracy. So any place with either three groups will make the whole travelling happy memorable and satisfying!

We loitered for about another 2 hours before we head back to the hotel for the airport transfer. There are two stations for speed boat transfer to Maafushi; one is at the airport and another one is at Male city jetty. We booked the speed boat transfer for USD 25 per person for one way at the airport jetty and it took us around half an hour to Maafushi.


WhatsApp Image 2017-09-15 at 3.43.19 PMTHIS IS THE MOST BLUE-ISH sea i’ve ever seen! Or maybe the weather on that particular day is extremely hot so it makes the sea so ultra blue! I very suaku

IMG_20170901_130430_resized_20170915_032011852Strawberry Ice cream from Dairy Queen! We had a 10 mins stop at the Male jetty to collect another batches of passengers. They said the visibility of Maldives sea is 25 meters and I totally agreed with that! Look at the fishes!! At first i thought those were some dried leaves or something~


IMG_20170901_131742_resized_20170915_032010508Half and hour speedboat ride to Maafushi island and you can already see your hotel personnel waiting for you at the jetty.

IMG_20170901_140917_resized_20170915_032010820Maafushi is a public island and it is small enough that you can finish exploring the whole island in 15 mins by walking. We stayed at Kaani Beach Resort and its located at the beach front. I opt for full board with the price USD 168 per night and honestly speaking,  half board is sufficient because the lunch option is very meh and its not in buffet style. However, breakfast and dinner are served in buffet style. 

combinedWe checked in and had our lunch. They let you choose between two choices for appetisers and mains. Clock wise : Chick pea soup, Fried cheese rolls, vegetable rice and Maldivian fried rice. mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~ =_= 

We wanted to explore the island to see if there is any street food to munch on but NOOOOOO…. Huhuhuhu! Foodie like me was like… T.T but the beautiful scenery save my soul. Ok I forgive you for not giving me enough food.

IMG_20170901_155659_resized_20170915_032223565The sea is just overwhelmingly beautiful. Pictures can’t really do the justice because if you see it with your own eyes, the ocean is much clearer and blue. Stunning white beach with blue ocean, so much love!

goMeihuaTemp_mh1504269844244_resized_20170915_031515433 goMeihuaTemp_mh1504272683157_resized_20170915_031514481 IMG_20170901_155207_resized_20170915_032222190 IMG_20170901_155644_mh1504283702997_resized_20170915_031515155 IMG_20170901_160605_mh1504283657110_resized_20170915_031514569The colour of the ocean is quite inviting, some part of the sea is more to clear and greenish blue, some is just pure baby blue like this!! YOU SEE!


IMG_20170901_160555_mh1504269004925_resized_20170915_031515509papa & mama

We spend the day just purely exploring the island and snap a lot of photos and then we headed back to hotel for the dinner buffet.

IMG_20170901_184256_resized_20170915_032222547The food is mostly served in a combination of western, Maldivian and Indian cuisine. It was raining heavily that particular night so we ended the day gossiping in the room instead. 😀