Manila : They said Ramen Nagi is nice!

Not exactly Manila, Makati I should say, I guess this is the confusing part? I mean at least for me. SO, a short explanation of my understanding for Philippines. Manila is the capital city of the Philippines, it is one of the sixteen cities that make up the Metro Manila. Manila is mainly for sightseeing, where all the historical buildings and cultural stuff were gathered. Makati on the other hand, is also one of the sixteen cities than make up Metro Manila, however, Makati is the main financial and entertainment hub in Metro Manila which also means that it is more “high tech” and that is the place for a lot of shopping malls and street bars and tall fancy buildings. So if you were to travel to Manila, stay at Makati area and just spend a day or two to Manila for some tourist must do. The distance between Manila and Makati is just around 1 hour.. with the massive jam you can ever imagine 🙁

Two of the largest shopping malls : Greenbelt and Glorietta Mall were at the same area. They were connected to each other together with another mall called the Landmark. I’ll explain a lil more in the next post. So now, Ramen Nagi, a lot of friends and reviews claimed that it is the best in Makati.. or it is the best for them. I’m particularity extremely picky for claiming the food as “the best”. Most of the time i’ll end up rolling my eyes. hahahahaha! So here we go. 

Located at Greenbelt 3. (There’s greenbelt 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6).

DSC01668It looks quite ok from the outside. 

DSC01670I like this spreadsheet of customising your own ramen… remind me of the good old ramen in Tokyo. 

DSC01671Basically they have 4 types of ramen : Original King Butao (The signature tonkatsu pork broth), Red King (Spicy ramen), Black King (Squid-ink ramen) and Green King (Pesto Ramen).

DSC01672 DSC01673Sides to eat with your ramen. I have high expectation because so far, everything look like we are going to have a good ramen.

DSC01676We ordered Original King Butao. The tonkatsu pork broth is very aromatic. Quite thick and creamy. The let down is the pork slices, it was soft but it wasn’t the moist type. More towards like.. its cooked too long until its soft. 

DSC01680I had the black king. Squid Ink Ramen. Surprisingly it is not as black as i thought of. I mean it was indeed black in colour but my noodles are still.. noodle colour. Hahahaha. For me, the soup is creamy and thick, but overall, it is quite bland. But for your information, I am very picky… and I’ve tried very good ramen in Japan, so… I can’t actually compare. Just my two cents of all the ramen i’ve tried in my life so far.

DSC01679Mama had Green King. I quite like this one because I haven try Pesto Ramen before, so I actually like this one. The aromatic pesto is all over the bowl, the soup base is almost the same but things that stand out is the punch of the pesto bomb. Yums! 

DSC01681_p-tileBut the good things about Ramen Nagi is.. the service is good. Very good. Of coz the food is consider good too. Its a must try if you visit Manila.