Max Brenner

I am run out of things to blog..! huhhuhu! Yeah.. forgive me for going back to my melbourne story. teehehe!

ANyone loves chocolates?? choc choc anyone?!

HUHUHU! i believe almost everyone LOVES choc.. but guess i am the odd one. i don fancy choc..i don fancy anything related to choc. Even choc cake. hehe! weird hor..  I only take ferrero roche and Blueno.. but still… not too fancy about it. hehe..

But everyone told me MAX BRENNER is a must try in Australia. Well.. i decided to giv it a try.. It was awesome.. to many people.. its like heaven.. i agree.. just that i m not the chocolate-kind-of-person. teehehehe!

I went to the one located at Melbourne Central. Its small.. but its always crowded.

This guy named Max Brenner. kakaka!

There are basically two specials thAT you have to try.

First… Chocolate HUG MUG. Its perfect during winter or any cold weather.

The reason why its called hug mug is because the mug is designed for your hand to hug it. teehehe! nice right!

Here’s the HUG MUG

They have few types of choc for you to choose. “Dark Choc, White Choc, Milk Choc, Dark-Orange choc, Reduced-Calorie Choc.

I had Milk Choc and ANson had Dark Choc. Dark Choc is so much nicer.

I m safisfied with my hug mug because i m feeling so so so so COLD

ANother Must Try is the SUCKAO

They give you THIS

and THIS..

so you try to mixed it by adding choc into it. Its definitely a good choice of drinks when you are having a chit chat time with your friends. huhuhu! coz the candle will keep your choc warm HOT all the time.

The outcome…. well.. leave it to your imagination. *lalala*

Other than that.. they have fabulous dessert.

I seriously LOVE this one.. FRUITY TOOTHY! *addicted*

and this one is awesome for choc lovers.. COZ…

The choc inside the cake will gush out.. *just like brownies with choc sauce.. just that this one.. the choc is scary a lot* and in there is even melted white choc in the center of the cake!

How does it taste? DOUBLED CHOC! too choc-ty! hahahaha

For those who love chocolate. You wont want to miss it.